Today's Opinions

  • Banks of the Okaw

    This week's photo: Shown in a photo taken about 30 years ago are two neighbors and buddies who went to Jefferson School together.

  • Owners need to pick up after dogs

    Vandalia is lucky enough to have one of the best park systems in the country, and also lucky enough to have a great walking trail.
    The park used to be one great place to play, but, today, I’m glad my kids are older, because our parks are becoming full of dog litter, because some consider it a place to let their dogs relieve themselves and just let it lie.
    Yes, I walk large dogs twice a day in the park, but I also pick up after them.

  • Getting a start on water projects

    When he campaigned, President Donald Trump said he would make funds available for infrastructure. That would be good news for Vandalia, which needs to deal with a river intake that doesn't work and an aging water plant needing either significant work or replacement.
    That's not to mention our need for water and sewer line replacements, something that's obvious because of line breaks on a regular basis.

  • The Way We Were

    50 Years Ago

    1967 – Harold Hartwick, president of First National Bank of Vandalia, was elected president of Group Nine of the Illinois Bankers Association.
    Nearly 1.5 inches of rain fell on Sunday, and then on Wednesday, it snowed.

  • Banks of the Okaw

    This week's photo: The man in this week's photo was born in 1956 and grew up south of Gatch Lake. He works in St. Elmo.

  • Vandalia Memories
  • Yarbroughs among first families

    The Yarbrough family is truly one of Fayette County’s first families, appearing on the first census of Illinois in 1818.

  • Work done to deal with county deficit

    As expected, the Fayette County Board last week approved a deficit budget for the fiscal year that began in December. We knew that was coming, based on comments from members of the board's finance committee in recent months.
    Declining revenues and increasing expenses are to blame, and the state's failure to make scheduled payments on tax revenues and reimbursements don't help the cause.
    Board Chairman Jeff Beckman and other board members said that they will be working with department heads on ways to cut expenses this fiscal year.