Today's Opinions

  • 'Where are they now?' feature begins in L-U

    Year after year, a hundred (or so) students graduate from Vandalia Community High School. They walk across the stage, receive their diploma and – for many – they walk right out of our lives.
    For some graduates, we’re able to keep up with their schooling and career because we have special ties to them or their family. But for most, we’re unable to keep any kind of connection. They just disappear.

  • Sheafor a good choice for judge

    When Judge S. Gene Schwarm was appointed to the Fifth District Appellate Court, the question turned to who would replace him as Fayette County Resident Circuit Judge.
    The appointment last Friday of M. Don Sheafor Jr. answered that speculation. And it elevated an attorney with a long and distinguished legal career in Fayette County.

  • Winds of war are blowing

    Beware! The winds of war are blowing across the European continent. I don’t mean to sound like Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds." Russian armies have proven themselves at Stalingrad in 1942. Stalin was no better than Hitler; he killed 50 million of his own people. In World War II, Russia could sweep across Europe in a matter of weeks. It happened in the 1930s. Putin is another Stalin.
    The U.S. is down-sizing its military forces, just like in the '30s. Will Russian tanks be rolling down streets of Vandalia?

  • Using capital funds to meet payroll is wrong

    After reading the account of the last county board meeting I was very upset. I thought the board was elected to act on behalf of the citizens of the county and provide the leadership needed to see that the county is operated as efficiently as possible.
    I know that this is a thankless job, but when the only alternative to improve the county’s financial situation is to arrest more citizens – we have a problem!

  • The Way We Were

    25 Years Ago

    1989 – Vandalia Soroptimists planted flowers in downtown barrels as part of its “Bloom in Historical Vandalia” promotion.
    Twenty-four students were initiated into the Vandalia Community High School chapter of the National Honor Society.
    About 400 attended Vandalia Night at Busch Memorial Stadium in St. Louis.
    The Fifth Saturday celebration held in Vandalia was well attended. That evening, more than 400 attended the Music Fest sponsored by The Leader-Union.

    30 Years Ago

  • Ramsey fox hunt was 'a wonderful thing'

    This Saturday, the village of Ramsey will celebrate its 150th anniversary. While searching for a topic for this week’s column, I decided that a story about Ramsey would be fitting, and the fox hunts or "chases," as they were called, held at what is now Ramsey Lake State Park is something you should know about.
    Some of my information came from an article published in the Ramsey Centennial book, by JoAnn Klinker, titled, "The Fox Chase.” The area identified in the book where the event was held is the current boat dock area at Ramsey Lake State Park.

  • Organ project needs funding

    If you've been on the upstairs level of the Fayette County Museum lately, you know that there are some exciting things going on.
    The entire area is in the midst of being brought back to its former beauty when it served its initial purpose as a church sanctuary. The roof has been fixed, the ceiling has been uncovered and the walls are being restored.
    The long-term plan for that floor of the historic building is to restore the front third as a church, the middle third as a museum and the back third as an art gallery.

  • Banks of the Okaw

    This week’s Mystery Banks Photo: No picture this week.
    In last week’s Mystery Banks Photo was: Ron Koehler.
    Identifying him were: Richard Koehler and Bob Dugan.
    This week’s Scrambler: og dylinoctenf ni eht noirtidec fo uroy marsed. veli het feli oyu veah daginemi.
    Can you unscramble it? If so, call The Leader-Union, 283-3374, by 5 p.m. next Monday.