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  • The Way We Were-May 19, 2011

    15 Years Ago

    1996 – Marlys Hayner was the keynote speaker for the Memorial Day program held by Crawford-Hale American Legion Post 95 of Vandalia.
    Jennifer Warden of Vandalia Community High School was awarded a volleyball scholarship at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.
    Mandi Langston earned a dental hygienist degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.
    Tony Eckhardt was trapped under an overturned tractor for about eight hours, digging himself out with a screwdriver and a lid from an insect repellent can.

  • Letter to the Editor

    I totally believe that Marshall Finley is correct about the delay of mail by doing what the postal system is proposing.
    You will be receiving last week's newspapers this week. You will be receiving your utility bills and other notices after the due date, costing you late payment fees. Your Christmas cards will become Valentine's Day cards.
    Being a patron of the Hagarstown Post Office, I have received notice that they will be closing that post office and our ZIP code.

  • Letter to the Editor

    The state of Illinois has difficult decisions to make with the tax dollars you pay. The General Assembly faces a substantial budget deficit of its own making. State legislators and the governor have already increased the personal and corporate income tax rates to try and bring the state’s debt under control. This income tax increase will not be enough to balance the state budget. And taking the rates up even higher is not politically possible.

  • Steinhauers left big impression on Fayette County

    Within the 20-year period between 1840 and 1860, five young men named Steinhauer settled in Vandalia.  They included Michael and Daniel, who were brothers, and Jacob, Frank and Fred, also brothers and nephews or cousins of Michael and Daniel.

  • City is making progress toward balanced budget

    One thing can be said for the city of Vandalia – it has always had as a priority maintaining its infrastructure and providing residents with an array of services.
    The same cannot be said about a number of other communities. For example, while the city of Vandalia can annually account for close to 100 percent of the water going through its water distribution system, another town in the region recently reported that it could not – due to aging infrastructure – account for about 40 percent of the water going through its system.

  • Banks of the Okaw May 12, 2011

    This week’s Mystery Banks Photo: This group of basketball athletes played for Vandalia Junior High School in the 1953-54 school year.

  • Letter to the editor

    The United States Postal Service is conducting an Area Mail Processing (AMP) study for the Effingham Post Office.
    The employees at the Effingham Post Office have been told that an AMP would involve sending all letters, flats and newspapers from the 624 area to the St. Louis facility to be processed. That means that your mail to the 618-619, 625-627, 628 and 629 ZIP codes would be dispatched from St. Louis.

  • The Way We Were-May 12, 2011

    15 Years Ago

    1996 – Walt Barenfanger asked the city of Vandalia to take over maintenance of the road that runs west of Majestic Drapery and the old Crane Packing building. The council gave Mayor Rich Walker the authority to work with Barenfanger. The local postal food drive netted about 5,500 pounds of food for the CEFS Food Pantry in Vandalia.
    Darrell Gummert, principal of Vandalia Community High School, was elected president of the Charles R. Ruemmelin Foundation Board.