Today's Opinions

  • Families of murdered couple release their endorsement

    When tragedy strikes, no one ever really knows what to do next. We learned that first hand when tragedy struck our family in the early morning hours of Aug. 4, 2010, when our loved ones, Debbie Tish and Mike Mahon, were murdered as they slept. The day after, we quickly learned that the person to help us move forward through at least one process, the judicial process, was then-State’s Attorney Stephen Friedel.

  • County employee responds to Knebel's letter to the editor

    I offer this as a direct rebuttal to your last “Letter to the Editor,” from the former County Board chairman, Mr. Knebel. I was one of the topics of his long letter of half-truths. So here is the rest of the story as it relates to me and only me. Please keep in mind, Mr. Knebel was in my wedding and was someone I considered a friend. However, obviously friendship means nothing when you are trying to defend yourself from the allegation of criminal activity.

  • Halloween a time for fun, not vandals

    The Halloween season in Vandalia has been kicked off with the haunted house created by the Vandalia Swimming Pool staff and continues through next week with a variety of activities.
    Halloween is a fun time of year, with everyone dressing up and providing treats for our young ones. But sometimes, there are those who see it as a time to pull what they perceive as tricks, but are really acts of vandalism.
    Something that someone sees as fun is really something that causes expensive damage to another's personal property.

  • Banks of the Okaw

    This week's photo: A woman and her nephew are shown in this week's photo. She is retired and lives in Vandalia, and he works in a local factory and lives in Brownstown.

  • Carroll records his family history

    In 1928, when James Monroe Jernigan Carroll was 96 years old, he sat down and composed a paper he titled, “A Brief History of the Carroll and Elam Families.”
    James Monroe Carroll was the oldest son of Raford and Sarah Jernigan Carroll, and was born on Dec. 20, 1832, as recorded in the family Bible.
    “Raford Carroll was born in North Carolina, Nov. 3, 1808, and came to Tennessee in 1818 and was there married to Sarah Jernigan, March 15, 1829.

  • Former county board chairman speaks on state's attorney race


  • 'Pop' Miller told old baseball stories

    I had the good fortune to meet Floyd “Pop” Miller and his wife, Vivian, of Mulberry Grove when I joined the Fayette County Genealogical Society in the late 1980s.

  • Congratulations, award recipients

    Homecoming 2016 for Vandalia Community High School was more than just an occasion to welcome back those who received their sheepskin from VCHS – it was also a time to recognize some individuals who excelled as a result of their time at the local high school.
    On Friday evening, VCHS welcomed Jerry Evans, Drew Bell, Blake Doehring, Brock Doehring, Matt Peyton, Drew Schneider and Marty Johnson into the school's athletic Hall of Fame.