Today's Opinions

  • Maintenance of parks, paths is appreciated

    My wife and I would like to express our appreciation to the Vandalia Park District Board and the people who care for our parks.
    The park was kept open this winter, which allowed us to walk our dogs and have a place to put trash.
    We noticed several people who used the park as a quiet place to stay in their automobiles and each their lunch.
    Also, a big thank you to Randy Edwards for blading the snow off the trail. Without his help, we wouldn’t have walked nearly as often as we did.

  • Andy Buchanan shared memories of his life

    The following story about Andrew Jackson Buchanan was written by Fred E. Martin and published in The Vandalia Union newspaper on March 13, 1924. At that time, the subject of the article, Mr. Buchanan, was living in Mulberry Grove and surely shared his remembrances with the writer.
    He was born on Jan. 6, 1846, on his father’s homestead in Seminary Township, about 2.5 miles east of Mulberry Grove. It was here that Andy grew to manhood, and after his marriage, raised his family.

  • Funds to help city improve streets

    The announcement this week that the city of Vandalia will be receiving $150,000 to do preliminary engineering work on a project to improve Sunset Drive was welcome news.
    It allows the city to continue improving its major arterial streets and, when completed, it will add a sidewalk along that busy street to keep pedestrians safer.

  • Banks of the Okaw

    This week’s Mystery Banks Photo: This grandfather is shown with six of his grandsons about 25 years ago.

  • Wrestlers tackle big challenges – and find success

    Two weeks ago, we editorialized about the power of tradition in the ongoing success of the Vandalia Community High School wrestling program.
    Year in and year out, it’s one of the most successful sports at the school. And this year is no exception. Three Vandal athletes placed at last week’s individual state tournament – with Dalton Blankenship fourth at 145 pounds, C.J. Runkel fifth at 160 pounds and Tyler Dagan sixth at 152 pounds.

  • Early Vandalia had saloons, livestock, guns

    In 1914, the editors of The Vandalia Union, in celebration of their 50th anniversary, asked for older residents who remembered the beginning days of the newspaper, to write their memories for publication.
    Many complied with his request, including John T. Wing, son of former county surveyor,  A.H. Wing. In his remembrances, he answered a long-held question of mine: What brought the Wing family to Fayette County?

  • Chief Taylor deserves our gratitude for 35 years of VVFD service

    I hope the citizens of Vandalia, and most importantly, the majority members of Vandalia¹s Volunteer Fire Department, realize how much of a loss they have suffered with the recent change in the chief of the fire department.

  • The Way We Were

    25 Years Ago

    1989 – The Vandalia City Council voted to buy a 1985 Ford van for the Volunteer Fire Department, replacing the rescue truck that was lost through an accident.
    Shirley Harder, St. Elmo home economics teacher, was named teacher of the year at the Illinois Vocational Association’s state meeting.
    Shelley Roberts was named queen of the LaGrove High School Valentine Dance.

    30 Years Ago