Today's Opinions

  • Banks of the Okaw

    This week's photo: The young man shown with country music star Mickey Gilley is now married and has three children, and is a teacher.

  • Tribute thanks vets for their service

    This past Sunday afternoon, as I was heading to my car after attending the Armed Forces Tribute held in Sonnemann and Greer parks, I walked past two ladies in conversation with a veteran.
    It was then I heard one of the women say, “Thank you for your service,” and these words have stayed in my head.

  • Again, beware of all types of scams

    How many times have we heard the statement, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is"? Yet, there are many scam artists out there who continue to have success, despite warnings from law enforcement officials.
    The latest of those warnings came from Vandalia Police Chief Jeff Ray on Tuesday, who warned residents of a telephone scam.
    Through that scam, the caller tells the person that he or she has won a prize. That caller then asks the person to either provide personal information or to send money to cover taxes or for some other expense.

  • Vandalia Memories

    This photo shows the store operated by Samuel and Rosa Skane Smith from 1920-50 in the 1400-1500 block of West St. Louis Avenue.

    The photo was posted by the Smiths' granddaughter, Pat Smith Frost.

  • Banks of the Okaw

    This week's photo: This brother and sister were born and reared in Ramsey. He lives in Effingham and travels for his job. She lives in Ramsey and works at school.

  • The Way We Were

    25 Years Ago

    1989 – St. Elmo Plastics received statewide recognition for its use of the Job Training Partnership Act program.
    Julius Hunter, news anchor for KMOV-TV (Channel 4), St. Louis, was the keynote speaker for the Tri-County Teacher’s Institute.
    Tracy Rohlfing was one of 159 people given an award of recognition at the “Those Who Excel” banquet in Chicago. The Brownstown Junior-Senior High School teacher received her award from the Illinois State Board of Education.

    30 Years Ago

  • It's time to honor our firefighters

    Can you imagine being awakened in the middle of the night, getting dressed and be ready to start work in a matter of minutes? That’s what our volunteer firefighters and First Responders do on a regular basis.
    During Fire Prevention Week, we pay tribute to those men and women who volunteer their time to help others in a time of need.
    They come from all walks of life, ready to drop everything on a moments notice to respond to a fire, accident or other type of emergency.

  • Research finds Bowling Jones' grave

    Bowling Green was a village founded by Bowling Jones and located in Section 31 of Bowling Green Township. Some say it was named for him, while others maintain it was named for Bowling Green, Ky.