• Letter to the Editor

    With the election coming up next Tuesday, I've heard some people saying that they're not going to vote because they don't feel that their vote will count.
    But it does.
    Hitler became chancellor of Germany by one vote.
    It is your civic duty to vote on election day. It doesn't take very long to cast your ballot for your favorite candidate.
    Please get out and vote on Nov. 6.
    Randy Meyer

  • Lake closure too early for booked users

    Vandalia has a beautiful lake, but it could be a better campground if it was better organized.
    My issue is that in January 2012 we booked the Vandalia Lake Pavilion for Oct. 21, 2012. We were planning a “chili dump and wiener roast,” and were expecting in excess of 100 people from all over the state.

  • Homeless find home at Vandalia's intersection

    Around 2 p.m. on Oct. 23, I was stopped at the stoplight on Kennedy Boulevard preparing to turn left on Veterans Avenue, and lo and behold, what do I see but another seemingly homeless individual sitting at the intersection, but this time with a walker, asking for money.
    Every year, I see at least three or four different individuals from who knows where dressed in raggedy clothing at this intersection holding signs asking for money. Not only is this dangerous, illegal without a permit and unsightly for our community, it is a scam!

  • Why go out of town for Lincoln impersonator?


  • Letter to the Editor

    Makes sense to me, Marge.
    Ginny Pratt

  • Letter to the Editor

    I believe that our national anthem should be sung by everyone. It should not be a “performance.” Everyone should participate! We are blessed to live in this country, in spite of its weaknesses, and we should be proud to sing our national anthem out loud.
    When “The Star Spangled Banner” is played, do you listen or do you participate? Years ago, when someone announced, “And now our national anthem,” everyone automatically sang together. No one told us what to do; we knew the appropriate response.

  • Thanks to supporters of OUR PLACE

    Thank you to Panzi Blackwell for the wonderful article about OUR PLACE Youth Center in the July 26 issue of The Leader-Union.
    It's due to the generosity of the individuals, businesses, churches, organizations and foundations of Vandalia made it possible for the youth center to exist.
    Thanks to the many, big-hearted and charitable people who gave their money and also those who gave their personal time to OUR PLACE.
    Patricia A. Sprague
    Board President
    OUR PLACE Youth Center

  • Adopt tree in park to water during drought

    I am writing this to all the citizens of Vandalia who love and respect our city parks as I do.
    I am not usually a person to ask others to do things that I can do myself. However,
    I would like to suggest that we all band together to save the trees in the parks. If everyone would take a few minutes to water their favorite tree (especially the young trees), maybe we can save them from dying during this horrible drought.

  • Letter to the Editor

    I would like to clarify something that was published in the July 19 issue of The Leader-Union.
    Under the "Our Opinion" section, the last paragraph stated the following: "...but the fact that this was acted on so quickly after discussions began, after one public meeting on the issue, one is left to wonder if, and how, this was all studied and how all city officials, except the current treasurer, came to believe this was the right decision."
    This is not an accurate statement.

  • Losing job is devastating

    I am writing this letter in response to the city of Vandalia wanting to give the mayor a raise, and doing away with the treasurer’s job.