• KC to dedicate veterans memorial

    June 6, 1944, is D-Day – the day on which the Allied forces began the invasion of France during World War II.
    Now, 70 years later – on Friday, June 6, 2014 – a new Veterans Tribute Memorial will be dedicated at Kaskaskia College in Centralia.

  • Applicants for award impressive

    I would like to commend the 10 students who applied for the 2014 Douglas R. Rames Character Award.
    My only wish is that all the readers of The Leader-Union could examine the contents of the applications, because they would undoubtedly applaud the students' efforts to enter the competition.
    They also would see that the quality of our young applicants is outstanding.
    Bravo to our dedicated Vandalia teachers!
    Phyllis J. Rames

  • Winds of war are blowing

    Beware! The winds of war are blowing across the European continent. I don’t mean to sound like Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds." Russian armies have proven themselves at Stalingrad in 1942. Stalin was no better than Hitler; he killed 50 million of his own people. In World War II, Russia could sweep across Europe in a matter of weeks. It happened in the 1930s. Putin is another Stalin.
    The U.S. is down-sizing its military forces, just like in the '30s. Will Russian tanks be rolling down streets of Vandalia?

  • Using capital funds to meet payroll is wrong

    After reading the account of the last county board meeting I was very upset. I thought the board was elected to act on behalf of the citizens of the county and provide the leadership needed to see that the county is operated as efficiently as possible.
    I know that this is a thankless job, but when the only alternative to improve the county’s financial situation is to arrest more citizens – we have a problem!

  • Help find those responsible for damage to the caboose

    Thanks for your recent comments about vandalism of the caboose.
    What’s equally as bad as the vandalism is apathy. You came forward and said something for all of us in Vandalia. There is a Crime Watchers program for our area.
    I’m willing to join forces with The Leader-Union, Crime Watchers and the Vandalia Police Department. I’ll offer a $100 donation to Crime Watchers in order to have a reward for catching those responsible for this vandalism.
    Richard Briley

  • Maintenance of parks, paths is appreciated

    My wife and I would like to express our appreciation to the Vandalia Park District Board and the people who care for our parks.
    The park was kept open this winter, which allowed us to walk our dogs and have a place to put trash.
    We noticed several people who used the park as a quiet place to stay in their automobiles and each their lunch.
    Also, a big thank you to Randy Edwards for blading the snow off the trail. Without his help, we wouldn’t have walked nearly as often as we did.

  • Chief Taylor deserves our gratitude for 35 years of VVFD service

    I hope the citizens of Vandalia, and most importantly, the majority members of Vandalia¹s Volunteer Fire Department, realize how much of a loss they have suffered with the recent change in the chief of the fire department.

  • Happy with status quo? If not, vote on March 18

    Do you like the status quo?
    More than 6,700 state government retirees’ get over $100,000 a year in pension! It’s been going up by 25 percent a year for eight years.
    But the lowly taxpayer who must pay them earns an average of less than $49,000 a year! That’s you and me. Does this make you mad?
    The Democrats' new “pension reform” law does nothing to change this. They control the Illinois house, senate and governor’s office. Do you want to keep them in control on March 18?
    David Schaefer

  • Pets not cared for in bitterly cold weather

    This letter concerns two dogs that live outside year around. The owner does not care for them, but relies on a Good Samaritan neighbor, who feeds the animals every evening. The large dog has a make-shift fence with a dog house inside. The neighbor supplies straw that he stuffs inside the house and has also hung pieces of tarp around the fence. The small dog is not in the shelter, but lives tied up next to it.

  • Blood donors come out in bad weather

    My compliments to the people of our community.
    The local Rotary Club sponsors a Red Cross blood drive six times a year, with Howard White and Larry Cable serving as co-chairmen.
    The last one was Tuesday, Jan. 21. As you may remember, it was a very cold, blustery day, with snow and ice