• Not a good time for a tax increase

    I saw a notice of proposed property tax increase in the local paper. What can our city officials be thinking? Right now, in these desperate times, people are out of work, losing their homes due to foreclosures right and left, watching our government spend billions of dollars bailing out incompetent banks, and worrying about the future of Medicare, Social Security and pensions.
    And they want to increase our already-high property taxes?

  • Operation OUTING gives elderly a chance to travel

    Thanks to Operation OUTING, nursing home residents in Vandalia have the opportunity to attend the Evergreen Outreach program at the First United Methodist Church on Mondays.
    Operation OUTING also offers them, free of charge, scenic trips to various destinations in our area. For most of them, these outings are the only chance they have to see sights outside of their facility. Imagine yourself in that situation, where you have to depend entirely on others to get outside the bounds of your residence and see the outside world!

  • Dudley supports 2nd Amendment rights, too

    We the people need to be made aware of false statements in letters, ads and speeches from Kyle McCarter, the candidate for state senate in the 51st district.
    McCarter states: “I am the only state senate candidate in the 51st district who is 100 percent pro Second Amendment.” This is contained in a letter with the heading “Sportsmen for Kyle McCarter” and is signed by McCarter.

  • Watson supports McCarter

    Since taking over for me last year, Kyle McCarter has done a great job representing us as state senator in the 51st District.
    McCarter is working to reverse the disastrous last eight years of fiscal mismanagement in state government. Our state’s financial future – and the future of our children and grandchildren – are at risk. So, if we’re going to root out waste and live within our means, we need people in office like McCarter.  

  • Thanks to FAYCO for taking on recycling project

    I think it's wonderful that FAYCO is taking on recycling,  and offering it on an almost daily basis.
    Prior to this effort, the Fayette County Soil and Water Conservation District offered this service one Saturday a month. There were always cars wrapped around the block. However, people waited patiently to contribute their recyclables to keep them out of the landfill.

  • Your Opinion

    We want to commend the editorial in the July 22 issue of The Leader-Union.
    We agree that more questions should be asked in this uncertain economy. What used to work in the past does not mean it works today.
    Asking questions may bring about new ideas, a better way of doing things, and maybe even why things are done like this. It may bring to light that this does not have to be done at all.