• Was justice served by suspension

    On Thursday, Sept. 8, an “emergency” school board meeting took place at the Ramsey School District. The subject of that “emergency” was my daughter, Faith Luster. Faith was an honor roll student in eighth grade at Ramsey Junior High School.
    Faith was expelled for the rest of the semester by the Ramsey School Board for having a weapon at a school function. She is allowed to come back to school on Jan. 4.

  • Summer lunch program successful

    The summer lunch project was a success!
    Once again, the citizens of Fayette County rallied to meet a need in their community. “Summer Lunches for Kids” began in 2008 with a mission to provide children in the Vandalia School District with FREE and nutritious lunches during the summer months when they were not in school.

  • Letter to the Editor


    I need a few minutes of your time. There are a couple of issues that have really upset me through my 22 years of being in the towing industry.

    I would really like you to read this with an open mind and understanding, as if it were happening to you or one of yours. It amazes me that the very minute a severe auto accident happens, people swarm in droves to see it.

  • Letters to the Editor

    There is life after death…twice for the doctor in the story I will relate.
    This is a true story. I recently found an article among my papers. Dr. Richard Eby fell two stories to his death.
    I heard him speak years ago in Troy.
    He was cleaning out his mother’s house in Chicago in 1972, after her funeral. He stepped out onto a landing and leaned on he railing. It gave way, and he fell to the concrete two stories below, killing him.

  • Motorcycles are too loud; need mufflers

    Recently, I read in your paper that the mayor proclaimed May to be motorcycle month.
    I would far rather that the mayor had proclaimed May to be “Put a muffler on that motorcycle" month.
    Loren Frakes Jr.

  • Prophets try to profit from 'prophecies'

    I commend the Rev. Kurt Simon’s column in the “Minister’s Forum” in the June 2 edition of The Leader-Union concerning end-of-the-world prophecies.
    His commentary was accurate for those who read the Bible literally, and convincing for those who read the Bible metaphorically. Simon also had the courage to expose the so-called television prophets, who profit from their “prophecies,” while spreading fear and anxiety.

  • Letter to the Editor

    I totally believe that Marshall Finley is correct about the delay of mail by doing what the postal system is proposing.
    You will be receiving last week's newspapers this week. You will be receiving your utility bills and other notices after the due date, costing you late payment fees. Your Christmas cards will become Valentine's Day cards.
    Being a patron of the Hagarstown Post Office, I have received notice that they will be closing that post office and our ZIP code.

  • Letter to the Editor

    The state of Illinois has difficult decisions to make with the tax dollars you pay. The General Assembly faces a substantial budget deficit of its own making. State legislators and the governor have already increased the personal and corporate income tax rates to try and bring the state’s debt under control. This income tax increase will not be enough to balance the state budget. And taking the rates up even higher is not politically possible.

  • Letter to the editor

    The United States Postal Service is conducting an Area Mail Processing (AMP) study for the Effingham Post Office.
    The employees at the Effingham Post Office have been told that an AMP would involve sending all letters, flats and newspapers from the 624 area to the St. Louis facility to be processed. That means that your mail to the 618-619, 625-627, 628 and 629 ZIP codes would be dispatched from St. Louis.

  • Visit loved one during nursing home week

    This year’s National Nursing Home Week begins this Sunday – on Mother’s Day.
    Each year, it is a special week for nursing home residents and their families to celebrate nursing facility life with facility staff and volunteers.
    This year’s theme – “Fulfilling the Promise” – provides us all with a terrific reminder of our promise to always care for the seniors in our community.