• Owners need to pick up after dogs

    Vandalia is lucky enough to have one of the best park systems in the country, and also lucky enough to have a great walking trail.
    The park used to be one great place to play, but, today, I’m glad my kids are older, because our parks are becoming full of dog litter, because some consider it a place to let their dogs relieve themselves and just let it lie.
    Yes, I walk large dogs twice a day in the park, but I also pick up after them.

  • Who are reputable media?


  • Just one vote can determine the outcome of an election

    When I was teaching school and there was an election, I would take this “One Vote” paper to classes.
    I wanted students to see how important voting can be, and for them to encourage their parents to vote.
    I’ve voted in 15 presidential elections, and this one is very different than any of those, so much so that many people aren’t enthusiastic about voting for either candidate, and are close to not going to the polls at all.
    But, we must remind ourselves that there are many positions and issues on which to vote.

  • Writer encourages prayer before entering voting booth

    Today, as never before, we in America must pray for our beloved country.
    As Daniel interceded in the Bible for Jerusalem, we must do the same for America, inserting the word America into his prayer as found in Daniel 9:4-19. America needs to be turned back to Go.
    With the upcoming elections, we, as voters, must exercise our privilege and responsibility to vote.

  • Challenges to Constitution can be stopped in the booth

    A person does not have to be a pundit on history or politics to know the country is changing. The people were promised “change” eight years ago, and even though the word reeks with ambiguity, it was received with enthusiasm … but not all were enthused. There were concerns, and they have proven to be justified and, as time passes, there are new concerns.

  • County employee responds to Knebel's letter to the editor

    I offer this as a direct rebuttal to your last “Letter to the Editor,” from the former County Board chairman, Mr. Knebel. I was one of the topics of his long letter of half-truths. So here is the rest of the story as it relates to me and only me. Please keep in mind, Mr. Knebel was in my wedding and was someone I considered a friend. However, obviously friendship means nothing when you are trying to defend yourself from the allegation of criminal activity.

  • Families of murdered couple release their endorsement

    When tragedy strikes, no one ever really knows what to do next. We learned that first hand when tragedy struck our family in the early morning hours of Aug. 4, 2010, when our loved ones, Debbie Tish and Mike Mahon, were murdered as they slept. The day after, we quickly learned that the person to help us move forward through at least one process, the judicial process, was then-State’s Attorney Stephen Friedel.

  • Former county board chairman speaks on state's attorney race


  • Lions explain reasons for no candy in parade

    The Vandalia Lions Club has sponsored the Annual Halloween Parade for over 70 years now and the Parade has undergone many changes throughout the years. This parade has been recognized as one of the finer parades in Southern Illinois and band directors from all over the area from as far away as Mascoutah, Mattoon, and Mt. Vernon have complimented the City, the Lions Club, and the people of Vandalia for running and hosting a great parade.

  • Resident asks Lions to reconsider their decision

    This letter is addressed to the Vandalia Lions Club:
    I just want to say what I think about taking the candy away from the Halloween Parade.
    I was told that it is about crowd control. They want to stop the unruly kids from running out in front of the participants in the parade. Let me tell you about those unruly kids. Their parents were raised the same way and their parents before them. They do not know any other way. They often see very little happiness in their lives.