• Attend the forum

    Still trying to sort out the crowded primary election race for Fayette County Sheriff? Need to know more about the candidates' before you step into the voting booth on March 18? Help is on the way.
    Two weeks from today – on Thursday, Feb. 27 – The Leader-Union, in cooperation with WPMB/WKRV radio and the Vandalia Chamber of Commerce, will host a candidates' forum for the four candidates for sheriff and the three candidates for county clerk.
    It will be a time to hear those candidates outline their credentials and demonstrate their abilities.

  • VCHS wrestlers riding wave of school tradition

    The single-word headline on today’s sports page says it all: “Tradition.”
    Webster’s Dictionary defines the word as: “A long-established custom or practice that has the effect of an unwritten law…a story, belief or custom handed down from generation to generation.”

  • School funding needs overhaul

    A task force that has been studying the state’s current system of funding school districts has come to a not-so-startling conclusion: the system is broken.
    “The way we fund public education in Illinois is currently very complex,” state Sen. Andy Manar, D-Bunker Hill, told reporters on Monday. “But one piece of it is very simple: It isn’t working.”

  • Behind-the-scenes workers are good pick for Abe Awards

    Each year, Vandalia Chamber of Commerce leaders have the privilege of recognizing ordinary people who have done extraordinary things for our community.
    The organization’s method of honoring the contributions of those citizens is by presenting Abe Awards. And since the program was started 40 years ago, more than 110 individuals have been given Abes.

  • Banks of the Okaw

    In last week’s Mystery Banks Photo was: Millard Mills.
    Identifying him was: No one.
    This week’s Scrambler:  i brittaute ym cussces ot siht: i reven vage ro koto nya secuxe.
    Can you unscramble it? If so, call The Leader-Union, 283-3374, by 5 p.m. next Monday.
    Last week’s Scrambler: Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. (Albert Einstein)

  • Squibb's success shows the payoff of persistence

    Every once in a while, we’re reminded that being from Vandalia is something special.
    There have been several instances, over the years, of people who used their solid roots here to soar to great heights in the outside world.
    Count June Squibb among that number.

  • Fee hikes not the real answer

    It’s no secret that Fayette County is not in a strong position financially.
    For the past several years, the county board has regularly dipped into its capital improvement fund just to keep county offices functioning and to meet payroll. We’ve expressed our concern about that practice – saying that the fund (which came from the sale of the county’s mineral rights) was intended to be used to repair or replace county buildings. Yet the capital improvement fund continues to shrink.

  • Cold, snow can't cool compassion of area residents

    A frigid blast of arctic weather and several inches of snow brought traffic and commerce in the Fayette County area to a halt this past week.
    But it didn’t do anything to curtail the hospitality of area residents.
    Despite the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in 15 years, people got out to check on relatives and help elderly neighbors. And those with trucks, tractors or four-wheelers with blades and buckets were busy helping people dig out from the drifting snow.
    We applaud those who used their equipment and abilities to meet the needs of others.

  • Irresponsible use leads to cell law

    Though we’re generally not in favor of the long arm of the law reaching into our lives with unnecessary regulations, a new Illinois law governing cell phone use in automobiles may actually make our roadways safer.

  • Do your part to boost Vandalia

    With the beginning of a new year less than a week away, this is a time that many people make New Year’s resolutions. Though those commitments often are long on good intentions and short on follow through, they can help us take action on our desire to change.
    One commitment we’d like to see all of us make in 2014 is to do whatever we can to make Vandalia a better place. If our community is going to move forward in the new year, it’s going to require a consistent effort from everyone – government officials, community organizations and individuals.