• Navy mom takes care of Army son

    In several of my past columns I have relied on the experiences of my sister, Sandy, a retired Navy wife, for stories about hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, earth tremors and such.
    Sandy has another experience that I have never shared – sending a son off to the military.
    Sandy was 18 when she married a career Navy man, Jim “Zeke” Sampson, formerly of the Jimpson neighborhood in Ramsey township.  

  • Vandalia Memories
  • The Way We Were

    20 Years Ago

    1995 – Judy Vaughn’s second-grade class at Washington Elementary School decorated the Christmas tree at the Vandalia Statehouse in preparation of the Statehouse’s Christmas Open House.
    Two performances of “Christmas Presents,” a holiday concert sponsored by The Leader-Union, raised monetary donations totaling $1,444 for Fayette County Caring & Sharing.
    Robert Young, a defensive end for the St. Louis Rams, visited Hosick Motors in Vandalia to help in the promotion of a special Dodge Rams truck.

  • Banks of the Okaw

    This week's photo: Every day at a local day care, this young boy played with his favorite car.

  • LaBille earned medal at Vicksburg

    In 1972, a new stone was set at the grave of Joseph Stephen LaBille in the Catholic Cemetery. The reason? Actually, there were two  – the veteran’s marker set at his grave in 1911 did not reflect the fact that he had been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor and his name was misspelled as LaVille.

  • Vandalia Memories
  • Banks of the Okaw

    This week's photo: This little boy, in a photo taken in 1950, graduated from Nokomis High School and is now a farmer in the Fillmore area.

  • Moulton history can be traced back

    One of my volunteer jobs for the Fayette County Genealogical and Historical Society is to print any books being published, as well as back issues of our genealogy publication, ‘Fayette Facts.”
    Not long ago, I was called upon to reprint a back issue, since our copies on hand had dropped. I cranked up the society’s Risograph and began to feed the pages through.
    Generally, while I’m standing at the machine, I read what is being printed, and in this particular book, Betty Jane Kyle had submitted information on her Moulton family.

  • KC president asks the public for help

    Dr. Penny Quinn
    Kaskaskia College President

  • Banks of the Okaw

    This week's photo: These two boys who were attending a local day care center enjoy swinging on a tire swing by the lake.