Today's News

  • New Lions Members

    The Vandalia Lions Club welcomed five new members at its meeting last Monday night.

    Above, from left, are Vandalia Lions President Bill Haselhorst; Jim Strange of Altamont, a past Lions district governor; and new members Vicky Conder, Jennifer Richards, John Mason and Brandon Garrett. Not present for the photo was new member Ashley Metzger.

  • Amateur Radio Week is observed next week

    Despite the Internet, cell phones, email and modern communications, every year whole regions find themselves in the dark. Tornadoes, fires, storms, ice and even the occasional cutting of fiber optic cables leave people without the means to communicate.

  • Ritchey - 50 years

    Mr. and Mrs. Jesse “Jack” Ritchey of Vandalia will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on June 30.
    To honor the Ritcheys, their family members and friends will hold a potluck picnic at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 28, at the Lions Pavilion at the Vandalia Lake Marina.

  • Evergreen Outreach

    By Charlene M. Jett
    We had another great day, regardless of the downpour that nailed the bus as it was picking up our FAYCO friends!

  • God doesn't waste our time; let's follow his example

    I’m Norris Price, a retired minister, and I got angry a few weeks ago. It all began when Sam called and asked if I could meet with him to discuss a major event in his life.

  • Coroner handles two deaths on Wednesday

    Fayette County Coroner Bruce Bowen handled two cases on Wednesday.

    Bowen said on Wednesday evening that John Bolyard, 68, of rural Ramsey, was working on a combi9ne on Wednesday morning when he collapsed. Bowen pronounced Bolyard dead at the scene at 11:13 a.m.

    Bowen also reported on Wednesday evening that Harold "Matt" Gillett, 33, of Vernon, was found dead in his pickup truck near the Vandalia Lake Marina. Bowen said that Gillett died from a gunshot wound that believed to be self-inflicted.

  • Garden Party

    Historical Vandalia Inc. held a garden party on the grounds of the Fayette County Museum on Saturday to raise funds for improvements to the old Presbyterian Church that houses the museum and Artworks Gallery.

    First photo: Party-goers enjoy music by Baroque Folk. Second photo: Historical Vandalia President Jim Brewer, left, partakes in samples made from recipes included in the organization's anniversary cookbook, also being sold to fund museum renovations. Manning the samples booth was Historical Vandalia board member Anna Jean Rhodes, right.

  • Marriage Licenses

    The following marriage license applications have been filed in the office of Fayette County Clerk and Recorder Terri D. Braun:

    Coleman Troy Scott
    Ashton Marie Simmons
    Nathan Derek Shaw
    Helena, Mont.
    Kylie Amber Carr
    Helena, Mont.
    Thomas Kay Kinkead
    Sarah Rebekah Hutchison
    Jedidiah James Carter
    Chasity Nicole Beck
    Cody Scott Logan

  • Brownstown-Sefton News

    Critter Corner
    All is well with the Homestead Critters at this time. The rains are keeping the Longhorn’s pasture lush and green and they seem to be enjoying life as they graze, take naps in the sunshine, settle down early in the evenings to rest, sleep  later in the mornings and take interest in things going on around them, namely us as we are outside doing chores.
    The henhouse is still producing at least two eggs a day. We would like to give Blackie and Rhonda the run of the yard and pasture, but we are afraid they would wander out on the highway.

  • Frogtown News

    Sam Stock of Farina and Shayla Branham of Vandalia were married on Saturday at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.  
    Father’s Day Visitor
    Mahala Jacquin of Villa Ridge, Mo., spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, Dane and Belinda Harpster of St. Peter.
    Sunday Dinner Guests
    Sunday evening dinner guests of Leland and Amy Reiss of St. Peter were Dane and Belinda Harpster, Mahala Jacquin, Braden Will and Tori Robbins.
    St. Peter’s Lutheran Church