Today's News

  • The Way We Were

    20 Years Ago

    1997 – The city of Vandalia was considering rejoining the I-70 Growth Association, several years after dropping its membership.
    Amy and J.D. Vieregge of Vandalia bought the 28th house built by a building trades class at the Okaw Area Vocational Center. The house is located on East Fork Drive.
    Wilbert and Elenora Yagow of St. Elmo were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and Wilmer and Pauline Yagow of Kinmundy were celebrating their 40th anniversary.

  • Banks of the Okaw

    There is no photo this week.
    Last week's photo: Bobby Joe Carroll.
    No one identified him.
    This week’s Scrambler: slersestsesn nda oitnstendc rea eht seiscetnise fo eorsgprs.
    Can you unscramble it? If so, call The Leader-Union, 283-3374, by 5 p.m. next Monday.
    Last week’s Scrambler: Prudence is the necessary ingredient in all the virtues, that without which they denegrate into folly and excess.

  • Tour, Grande Levée translate into local dollars

    Anyone in Vandalia who has questioned the value of tourism in the past should have seen that value in the past week.
    First, many residents watched hundreds and hundreds of vehicles, many of them classic cars and trucks, go through town at participants in the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour made their way to Indianapolis, Ind.
    What many didn't see were the stops that those drivers made in town, either to fill up on fuel or grab something to eat, or both.

  • Brownstown-Sefton News

    Pete, The Missouri Dog, Update
    In answer to inquiries by our readers:  A phone call from Missouri was received by the Homestead this week from Pete’s owner and buddy, Bill’s brother, Joe Blackwell.   

  • St. Elmo News

    Thursday, June 22
    • Art shows in Artworks Gallery, Fayette County Museum, 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. See more info following the announcements.
    Friday, June 23
    • Art shows in Artworks Gallery, Fayette County Museum, 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
    • Lighthouse Pregnancy and Health Services inaugural golf outing. See info following these announcements.
    • Men’s Bible study, 6:30 a.m., St. Elmo Golf Course.                 

  • Readers' photos of storm damage in the county
  • Sentence of 11 1/2 years in sexual assault case

    A Farina man last Friday agreed to a prison term of 11½ years upon pleading guilty to a count of predatory criminal sexual assault.

  • Saturday lake meeting is only 'informational

    The city of Vandalia has invited homeowners of the lake area to a meeting on Saturday morning to discuss its options with leased lots on the south side of the lake.
    That 10 a.m. meeting at city hall, Mayor Rick Gottman said, “is for informational purposes only, to get the input of the people at the lake.
    “I’ve had people approach me and ask if there’s any way that they could annex into the city,” Gottman said.
    “Also, there are people come to me wanting to know what it would take to buy their (land),” the mayor said.

  • Results of Recycling Survey

    • 329 responses – 63 on paper, 392 online.
    #1 – Do you use the recycling drop-off centers in Vandalia – Yes, 246; No, 146.
    #2 – Select which recycling center(s) you use – traditional, 235; electronic, 139; neither, 133.
    #3 – Are you a Vandalia water customer? Yes, 307; No, 83.
    #4 – Are you willing to pay $1.25 per month to continue these services? Yes, 168; No, 140; Not applicable, 80.
    #5 – Analysis removing “Not Applicable” – Yes, 168 (54.55%); No, 140 (45.45%).

  • Survey says: 54.5% favor surcharge

    Now that they have the results of a recycling survey in their hands, Vandalia aldermen will likely have two weeks to study them before acting on the proposal for a recycling surcharge.
    The results of that 11-day survey, presented by Kim Taylor, executive director of FAYCO Enterprises, show that 392 people voted either online or on paper.
    Of those voting, 307 are city water customers, and of those, 54.55 percent support a surcharge to city water bills to support the recycling programs offered by FAYCO and the Fayette County Soil and Water Conservation District.