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  • Devore — 70 years

    The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Gehl and Doris Devore will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary from 11:15 a.m.-1 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 22, at First United Methodist Church, 128 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue in Waukegan.
    The couple was married on Aug. 22, 1940, by Mrs. Devore’s father, the Rev. Fred C. Mery, in their hometown of Altamont. Dr. and Mrs. Devore served at First United Methodist from 1963-1979, and Dr. Devore is currently pastor emeritus at the church.

  • Two found dead in Loogootee home

    Two individuals who sustained gunshot wounds were found dead in a Loogootee home early Wednesday, and a male teen is in custody.

    Fayette County State's Attorney Stephen Friedel said in a statement released just before noon on Wednesday that the bodies of two individuals who had sustained gunshot wounds were discovered as the Fayette County Sheriff's Office investigated a report of a break-in.


    State and county law enforcement officials are reportedly investigating the death of two individuals at their Loogootee home.

    County officials were still unable to release any more information by mid-morning on Wednesday. The release of information was scheduled for noon on Wednesday.

    More will be released on this website as information becomes available.

  • Church Briefs

    Northside Christian starts second service

    Beginning this Sunday, Northside Christian Church will be offering a new, non-traditional worship experience during the church's second morning service. The new service will be called "Free on the Inside."

  • Evergreen Outreach-July 26

    By Edith Elliott

  • Minister's Forum

    By The Rev. Robert Weaver
    First Baptist Church in Vandalia


  • Brownstown-Sefton News

    By Panzi Blackwell

  • Liberty Christian Revival Run
  • Buddy Bass Tournament Winners
  • Slow-Pitch Softball Results

    League standings (final)
    Buckstop Archery, 15-3
    Keck’s Marsh, 10-8
    Boley Homes, 8-10
    Montgomery Plumbing, 3-15

    Results from July 21
    Buckstop Archery 12
    Montgomery Plumbing 5
    Buckstop: Caleb Miller, double

    Buckstop Archery 10
    Montgomery Plumbing 5
    Buckstop: Caleb Miller, double
    Montgomery: Shawn Lotz, double
    Keck’s Marsh 13
    Boley Homes 6
    Keck: Jon Lotz, home run, double

    Keck’s Marsh 8
    Boley Homes 6