Today's News

  • Banks of the Okaw-March 31, 2011

    This week’s Mystery Banks Photo: These two sisters grew up in the Mulberry Grove area. One now lives in Greenville and works at Southwestern Electric. The other lives in Mulberry Grove and works at a day care center.

  • The Way We Were-March 31, 2011

    15 Years Ago

    1996 – A little more than 200 people took advantage of a hazardous home waste collection program offered at South Central FS in Vandalia.
    Clint Benhoff and Tim Worker of Ramsey were on the baseball squad at Lake Land College.
    Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nattier of Patoka were making plans to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

  • Picture leads to more Fayette connections

    Last week, the subject of my column was Dr. Hiram S. Short, a Fillmore doctor with Fayette County connections.

  • Vital issues in Tuesday vote

    Though next Tuesday’s election is what could be termed an “off-year election,” there are many reasons why voters must take it seriously.
    First and foremost, we all have a responsibility – a privilege, really – to vote whenever we have the opportunity. It’s part of being a good citizen.
    Beyond that, there are many issues in this election that merit our involvement.

  • Marilyn Calvert ends 59-year career at First National Bank

    Marilyn Calvert is retiring from First National Bank of Vandalia this week after logging 59 years, more than any other employee of the bank.

  • What the sales tax monies can & can't be used for

    A school district MAY use sales tax revenues for:
    • The abatement of bonds.
    • New facilities, additions and renovations.
    • Land acquisitions.
    • Ongoing maintenance.
    • Architectural planning.
    • Durable equipment (non-moveable items).
    • Fire prevention and Life Safety issues.
    • Disabled access.
    • Security.
    • Energy efficiency.
    • Parking lots.
    • Demolition.
    • Roof repairs.

  • Sales Tax Exemptions

    The new sales tax would not apply to:
    •  Titled or licensed vehicles, including cars, trucks, ATV’s and motorcycles.
    •  Unprepared food (groceries), drugs (including over-the-counter drugs and vitamins) and medical supplies.
    •  Resale items.
    •  Boats and recreational vehicles.
    •  Mobile homes.
    •  Specifically exempted goods such as farm equipment, parts, inputs and service.

  • Sales Tax Ballot Question

    Shall the County of Fayette, Illinois, be authorized to impose a retailers’ occupation tax and a service occupation tax (commonly referred to as a “sales tax”) at a rate of 1% to be used exclusively for school facility purposes?

  • 1% sales tax for schools on Tuesday's ballot

    When they go to the polls next Tuesday, Fayette County voters will be asked to approve a 1-percent sales tax that will benefit school districts in the county.

  • Dismissal of smoking tickets denied

    An attempt to dismiss city tickets issued for allowing patrons to smoke in a Vandalia bar has failed.
    At a court hearing last Friday in Fayette County Circuit Court, Judge Ericka Sanders denied a motion to dismiss three tickets issued to G&T Holdings last August for alleged smoking violations at the Redwood Inn.
    In addition to making that ruling, Sanders tentatively set May 19 as the starting date for a jury trial on the tickets.