Today's News

  • City's teamwork and volunteers are vital

    In recent years, Vandalia has stepped up its commitment to better present the history of this community, this region and this state. In turn, those efforts have improved the experiences of people from other towns and states who stop here to learn about Vandalia, Fayette County and Abraham Lincoln.

  • Outlaw Slade had ties to Fayette County

    Mark Twain wrote of his Western travels in the book, “Roughing It.” Twain said that the men he traveled with had three subjects on their mind – "Californy, the Nevada silver mines and the desperado, Slade."

    Twain wrote, “From Ft. Kearney west, he was feared a great deal more than the Almighty. Mothers used his name to strike terror in the hearts of their misbehaving children.”

  • Dr. Durbin celebrates 25 years with Durbin Vet Clinic

    When Charlie Durbin was a young boy living on his parents’ farm, he knew that he wanted to be a veterinarian. He also knew that he especially wanted to work with cattle.

    Last Tuesday evening, Dr. Charlie R. Durbin hosted a community cookout in St.Peter City Park in celebration of 25 years in St. Peter doing just what that little 8-year-old boy dreamed of … and more.

    He has served all of Fayette County, including serving 15 years on the Fayette County Fair Board and as the county fair veterinarian, a position he still holds.

  • National Road Center receives $101,750 grant

    A Vandalia representative on the National Road Association of Illinois Board concedes that a recent grant received by the group won’t provide funding for everything it needs. But it comes pretty darn close.

    “We will always have things that we need to take care of or want to add, but this will come pretty close to giving us what we need,” said Mary Truitt.

    Truitt was referring to the $101,750 grant awarded by the Federal Highway Administration for the National Road Interpretive Center in Vandalia.

  • Area Halloween Activities

    Vandalia Lions Club

    Halloween Parade – This Thursday at 7 p.m.


    Vandalia Trick or Treat Night – Saturday, 6-8 p.m.


    Brownstown Trick or Treat – Saturday, 5-7 p.m., with party afterward

    in Brownstown Park.


    St. Elmo Trick or Treat – Saturday, 6-8 p.m.

    Brookstone Estates Safe Trick or Treat – Saturday, 6-8 p.m.


    Deken Park Haunted Trail in St. Elmo – 7-10 p.m. on Friday and 8-11 p.m. on Saturday.

  • A roundabout way of handling traffic

    It’s been a little more than six years since Highland officials let residents of that city know that they planned to handle a congested intersection with a roundabout, instead of stoplights.

    Many of the residents responded with, to say the least, skepticism.

    But once they started using that roundabout, those same residents told city officials that it was the right decision.

    In fact, the roundabout went over so well that the city added a second roundabout late last year, one that replaced stoplights.

  • Fayette Water Co. will hold public meeting nxt Wednesday at city hall

    Fayette Water Co. will hold another public meeting next week to present its plans for extending water service to residents northwest of Vandalia.

    At that meeting, which will be held at 5:30 p.m. next Wednesday at Vandalia City Hall, Fayette Water officials hope to alleviate concerns of homeowners on City property about what their property will look like after water lines are installed.

    The meeting is primarily being held to discuss water line easements requested from the city to construct lines to homes on land owned by the city around Vandalia Lake.

  • Vandalia finishes season on a low point

    Going into Friday’s game, Vandalia already knew it would be its final game of the season. The overtime loss to Pana on Oct. 16 had sealed the Vandals' fate and made it impossible for them to qualify for the playoffs. On Friday, Vandalia fought for nothing more than another win; they would be denied by Greenville, 26-7.

  • St. Elmo defeats Patoka to win EIC Tournament

    Just a week after placing third at the NTC tournament, St. Elmo won the EIC tournament on their home court at St. Elmo High School.

    The Eagles dispatched Patoka, 25-18, 25-22, in the championship game Friday night. Fayette County schools swept the top four stops, with St. Elmo and Patoka in first and second, respectively, Brownstown beat Ramsey, 25-12, 25-18, to win third place and put Ramsey in fourth.

  • Motown visit postponed again

    The fate of the plan to build a $300-million sports and entertainment complex will now not be known until early December.

    Director of Economic Development and Tourism JoAnn Givens told the Vandalia City Council on Monday night that Kenneth Bardwell, chairman and chief executive officer of Motown Technology and Sports Facility Inc., plans to visit with city officials on Dec. 7.

    At the council meeting on that date, Bardwell will present a request for an extension on the deadline for providing proof to the city that Motown has obtained the financing for the project.