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  • Banks of the Okaw

    This week's photo: The girl in this photo, which was taken in the mid-1980s, grew up in the Shafter area. She now cuts hair at a salon in Vandalia, and she has a son.

  • Vandalia Memories
  • Rheiner doctored early St. Paul

    Doctor Edward Rheiner was one of the earliest doctors to attend to the ills of the St. Paul community, which began forming into a village in the fall of 1864 with the migration of the Wisconsin German families, Lenz, Malchow, Maske, Sasse, Busse and Stein.

  • Budget impasse impacts continue

    The ongoing budget impasse at our state capitol has already affected municipalities and other entities that are owed money by the state. For example, the state owes the city about half a million dollars at this time.
    Add Ramsey Lake State Park and the community of Ramsey to the list of those being hurt by the stalemate involving our governor and legislators.
    Ramsey Lake State Park, which draws large numbers of people each year for camping, fishing and other outdoor activities, has been shuttered. And there's no indication when it will be reopened.

  • Exchange student enjoying life in the U.S.

    The first impression of Boaz Haveman is one of a friendly, courteous young man, who is very tall and good-looking with a sincere, “glad-to-meet-you” smile.

  • VCHS to hold first Academic Signing Day

    As another school year winds down, it’s fairly common to see area high students being recognized for going on to college due to their athletic abilities. The same is not true for those students who are able to continue their education because of their success in the classroom.
    A team of Vandalia Community High School teachers and administrators has decided to change that.
    At the Vandalia Board of Education meeting last week, VCHS Assistant Principal Greta Krueger told board members about the school’s first Academic Signing Day.

  • Man wins acquittal in jury trial Tuesday

    A Greenville man who was representing himself, with assistance from an attorney, had felony charges dismissed on a ruling by a judge in the middle of his jury trial on Tuesday.

  • Longtime coach and teacher named as new golf coach

    The Vandalia School Board announced last Tuesday at a Vandalia School Board meeting that retired VJHS teacher Kevin Schroeder will fill the head coaching vacancy left behind by Joe Kelly. While coaching is nothing new for retired VJHS teacher Kevin Schroeder, coaching golf is.
    “My golf skills aren’t very good,” Schroeder said.  “But, I coached track for 33 years and tennis for 17, so I have had a lot of coaching (experience).

  • Ramsey Park latest state budget victim

    The Ramsey Lake State Park is among the latest casualties of the state’s budget impasse.
    The Illinois Department of Natural Resources announced late last week that the state park north of Ramsey and Horseshoe Lake State Park near Granite City were “closed indefinitely,” with vendors at the state parks being among those not being paid due to the ongoing impasse in Springfield.

  • Building a playground together

    When it was determined that the playground area at Vandalia Elementary School needed improvements, parents, teachers, local businesses and volunteers stepped forward to address that issue.