Local News

  • Where there's smoke...

    As complaints about violations of Illinois new law prohibiting smoking in and near public facilities increase, Fayette Countys states attorney is among the growing list of prosecutors in the state who are challenging the legality of that new law.

    Stephen Friedel said on Tuesday that he agrees that second-hand smoke is harmful and can be annoying.

    Second-hand smoke annoys some people more than others, and to the extent that the law seeks to protect those who cannot choose for themselves, namely children, I believe the law has a legitimate purpose, he said.

  • Another vote on E911 planned

    If the chairman of the Fayette County Board has his way, county residents will be voting on an Enhanced 911 referendum as early as this November.

    At the close of Tuesdays county board meeting, Chairman Steve Knebel updated board members and department heads on a study being done on bringing the emergency phone service.

  • Nursing classes under way at new KC Vandalia Campus

    The first Kaskaskia College Licensed Practical Nursing Program began classes at the new Vandalia Campus on Feb. 4 with 15 students in the newly equipped health care lab in the Simma-Kelly Education Building.

    The practical nursing program is a three-semester program leading to a certificate.

  • Farm demonstration date changed again

    NOTE: Date of demonstration has been changed to March 19!

    On March 19, area cattle producers have a unique opportunity to see one of the most efficiently-run beef cattle operations in southern Illinois and learn about the benefits of the Illinois Heifer Development Program (IHDP). An IHDP Pre-Breeding Processing Demonstration will be held at the Stan and Lisa Buzzard Farm, Beecher City, Illinois, on Saturday, March 15, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  • A piece of local history comes back home

    As their 1932 Stutz fire truck the second motor-driven fire truck owned by the city was being restored, members of the Vandalia Volunteer Fire Department began digging up old photos and news stories to learn about the trucks history.

    In some of those photos, VVFD members also saw the citys first motorized fire truck, a 1924 American LaFrance. And they talked of how nice it would be to also have that truck.

    But, based on stories theyd been told, that wasnt a possibility.

  • Winter storms, water line breaks translate to lots of overtime hours

    If you think its been an unusually long and messy winter, put yourself in John Moyers shoes.

    Man, its been a long winter, Moyer, Vandalias director of public works, said on Wednesday morning, as he and his crew were taking a short break after dealing with the latest winter storm.

    This past weekend, I think, was the first weekend that we didnt have something, Moyer said.

    Its not only the snow, he said. Weve had a lot of water line breaks.

    With the latest winter storm, Moyer began sending crews out at 4 a.m. on Tuesday to begin laying down salt.

  • River intake still not working

    Several aldermen agreed on Monday that it might be time for the city of Vandalia to look for someone new in trying to resolve its ongoing problems with the new Kaskaskia River intake.

    But when it came time to take action, none of those agreeing with Aldermen Chad Feldpouch were willing to give their support.

    During committee reports, Alderman Larry Cable, chairman of the councils water and disposal plants committee, said the river intake had been inoperable because of sand being carried into it.

  • Time Change is Sunday

    Daylight Savings Time begins at 2 a.m. this Sunday. Remember to turn your clocks UP one hour before going to bed on Saturday night.

  • Statehouse schedule changed

    At least in recent times, Tuesday has been a day when a number of school or tour groups wanted to visit the Vandalia Statehouse. Unfortunately, Tuesday is one of two days that the Statehouse has been closed.

    That will change this Saturday, when a new schedule for the Statehouse goes into effect.

    Jennifer Tirey, acting director of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, which administers the Statehouse, announced on Monday that the old state capitol will now be open Tuesday through Saturday.

    Under the old schedule, the Statehouse was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

  • Watson continues to fight proposed VCC cuts

    The Illinois Department of Corrections is continuing to propose the shutdown of farming operations at Vandalia Correctional Center.

    And state Sen. Frank Watson (R-Greenville) is continuing to lead the battle to prevent that from happening.

    Watson, the Illinois Senates minority leader, said late Wednesday morning that he will be meeting with IDOC officials on Thursday to present his arguments for not eliminating farming operations at VCC.