Local News

  • City begins work on new budget

    With a draft in their hands, Vandalia officials were getting to work on a new budget on Tuesday afternoon.
    “We must have a balanced budget,” Mayor Rick Gottman said at Monday’s council meeting, when he presented city aldermen with a draft of a budget for the fiscal year that begins on May 1.
    Gottman said that he was to meet with the city’s department heads on Tuesday afternoon to begin the process of fine-tuning the new budget.

  • Sales tax soundly defeated

    Fayette County voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a 1-percent sales tax that would benefit school districts in the county.
    Unofficial vote totals in the office of Fayette County Clerk and Recorder Terri D. Braun show that 58 percent of those going to the polls on Tuesday voted against the school tax. The unofficial vote total was 1,641-no and 1,166-yes.
    Vandalia School District officials hoped to use funds generated by the sales tax to abate bonds and lower the property taxes of residents of the district.

  • Clark brothers unseat incumbents

    Vandalia has four new aldermen as a result of the consolidated election, with two of the winners on Tuesday unseating incumbents.
    In St. Elmo, all three winners – including two incumbents – were write-in candidates.
    The winners in Vandalia included brothers Neil Clark and B. John Clark.
    Neil Clark received 25 votes to lead a field of four Ward I candidates. Incumbent Bret Brosman was second with 20 votes, and Jason Paslay and Kenneth W. Hubler each garnered 19 votes.

  • Vandalia incumbents unseated

    In the two contested Vandalia City Council races, the incumbents were unseated.

    In St. Elmo, all three write-in candidates won aldermanic seats.

    In Vandalia, Neil F. Clark won the Ward I race with 24 votes. Incumbent Bret Brosman had 20 votes, and Jason Paslay and Ken Huber each had 19.

    In the other contested race, for a four-year term in Ward IV, B. John Clark defeated Larry K. Cable, 158-149.

  • What the sales tax monies can & can't be used for

    A school district MAY use sales tax revenues for:
    • The abatement of bonds.
    • New facilities, additions and renovations.
    • Land acquisitions.
    • Ongoing maintenance.
    • Architectural planning.
    • Durable equipment (non-moveable items).
    • Fire prevention and Life Safety issues.
    • Disabled access.
    • Security.
    • Energy efficiency.
    • Parking lots.
    • Demolition.
    • Roof repairs.

  • Sales Tax Exemptions

    The new sales tax would not apply to:
    •  Titled or licensed vehicles, including cars, trucks, ATV’s and motorcycles.
    •  Unprepared food (groceries), drugs (including over-the-counter drugs and vitamins) and medical supplies.
    •  Resale items.
    •  Boats and recreational vehicles.
    •  Mobile homes.
    •  Specifically exempted goods such as farm equipment, parts, inputs and service.

  • Sales Tax Ballot Question

    Shall the County of Fayette, Illinois, be authorized to impose a retailers’ occupation tax and a service occupation tax (commonly referred to as a “sales tax”) at a rate of 1% to be used exclusively for school facility purposes?

  • 1% sales tax for schools on Tuesday's ballot

    When they go to the polls next Tuesday, Fayette County voters will be asked to approve a 1-percent sales tax that will benefit school districts in the county.

  • Dismissal of smoking tickets denied

    An attempt to dismiss city tickets issued for allowing patrons to smoke in a Vandalia bar has failed.
    At a court hearing last Friday in Fayette County Circuit Court, Judge Ericka Sanders denied a motion to dismiss three tickets issued to G&T Holdings last August for alleged smoking violations at the Redwood Inn.
    In addition to making that ruling, Sanders tentatively set May 19 as the starting date for a jury trial on the tickets.

  • Reading Partners

    Ryenne Edwards makes friends with Franklin, a collie who is the pet of Lisette Ehrat, during an orientation ssion last Tuesday for a new children's reading program at Evans Public Library in Vandalia. Through P.A.C.K. (Pups Assisting Children Kindly), trained dogs with volunteer leaders are teamed up with children age 8 and older for 20-minute reading sessions at the library on the first and third Tuesday of each month. For more information about the program, contact Jessie Blain or Linda Kelly at the library, 283-2824.