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  • Reassessing recycling

    Just one month after adding a $1 surcharge to monthly water bills for recycling services provided by FAYCO Enterprises, the Vandalia City Council has decided to take a second look at the issue.
    During Monday’s council meeting, Alderman Steve Barker said that Greenville radio station WGEL reported that FAYCO had signed an agreement with Bond County through which it would pick up recyclable items there for up to $7,200 a year, much less than what the city will be giving FAYCO as a result of the water bill surcharge.

  • OAVC's Golden Anniversary

    Fifty years ago, a group of area educators, led by Vandalia Superintendent of Schools G.V. Blythe, not only realized that a large number of high school graduates would not go on to college. And they did something monumental to serve those who would not.

  • Statehouse Story Times
  • 2017 Fayette County Fair Open Results

        Publicity Report - Premium Placing
    Department A - Beef & Dual Pur Cattle
    Class 1 - Angus
        Lot 51 - Bull Yearling
        First    Kramer  Farms, Farina    
        Lot 52 - Bull Calf
        First    Kramer  Farms, Farina
        Second    Kramer  Farms, Farina     

  • Tourist Center Work
  • Filling In The Cracks
  • Calendar

    Friday, August 4

    ✔ Crawford-Hale American Legion Post 95 will hold bingo at 7 p.m. at the Legion Home; doors open at 5:30 p.m.
    ✔ A Nar-Anon meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at Northside Christian Church, 1845 W. Jackson St., Vandalia.

    Saturday, August 5

  • Surplus monies will cover deficits in new city budget

    The Vandalia City Council has approved a budget that includes deficits in three funds, but those deficits will not create an overall deficit.
    That’s because surplus monies in those funds will be used, if necessary, to offset the deficits. Also, those deficits may be smaller than anticipated.
    Three days after going over the budget for the current fiscal year during a work session, the Vandalia City Council approved on Thursday afternoon a spending plan tied to that budget.

  • School will start even with fight on funding

    The start of a new school year may be delayed in some Illinois districts, but not in Vandalia.
    In recent weeks, Vandalia Superintendent of Schools Rich Well has kept school board members, administrators and teachers updated on the stalemate in the state capitol that means a delay in the release of funds to Illinois school districts.
    “There’s no mechanism yet to send out funds for schools,” Well told the Vandalia Board of Education at its July meeting.

  • Sprucing Up Our History