• Cropland values


    Though the value of farmland in Fayette County and across the Midwest has continued to rise, the rate of increase has moderated in recent months.


  • IFB president opposes EPA plan

    In response to the Environmental Protection Agency's announcement last week that it plans to reduce the level  of total renewable fuels for 2014, Illinois Farm Bureau President Philip Nelson issued the following statement:

  • Multi-state land use study shows no uniform movement of habitat to cropland in Midwest

    A new study of historical land use patterns across seven Midwestern states – including Illinois – reveals little net movement of habitat to cropland and negligible impact on land use even by federal program crops or those covered by crop insurance.
    The study, commissioned by seven Midwestern state Farm Bureaus, was conducted by Decision Innovation Solutions (DIS) of Urbandale, Iowa.  The analysis used a variety of analytical techniques and tools. Datasets for the years 2007 through 2012 served as the point of reference.

  • Bin buster

    With harvest work winding down, U.S. corn growers remain on track for a record-high 14-billion-bushel production year, according to the November crop production report, released recently by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistic Service.

  • Storms halt remaining field work

    Severe weather delayed corn and soybean harvest throughout the state last week.
    Significant storm activity on Sunday brought high winds and tornadoes to several counties. While minimal damage was reported in the Southwest, several farmers lost equipment, buildings and homes in the Eastern part of the state.
    Wind and rain pushed down standing corn and could make final harvest difficult.
    Statewide, precipitation averaged 0.39 inches, which is 0.27 inches below normal. Temperatures averaged 40.7 degrees, which is 0.6 degrees below normal.

  • Tornado Hits St. Elmo Farms

    What remains of a barn is shown in the foreground on a farm two miles west of St. Elmo on County Road  1950 East.

    Residents of the house were home at the time the storm hit on Sunday, but escaped without injury by going to the basement. The farm is located about a half-mile north of U.S. Route 40 between Brownstown and St. Elmo.

  • Corn Harvest Under Way Again

    Corn harvest was once again in high gear on Monday as the rains held off long enough for area farmers to get back in the fields. Shown here are harvest activities by employees of Draege Farms. They are shown in fields south of Vandalia, along Carlyle Road. Tony Draege is operating the combine. Rains on Tuesday and Wednesday will slow the pace of harvest again.

  • Area harvest moving slowly to completion

    Though many Fayette County farmers are making progress in getting their crops out of the fields, this year’s harvest is all over the map.
    “We have a few who have finished harvesting, and we have others who won’t finish until Thanksgiving,” said Ron Marshel, Fayette County Farm Bureau manager. “A few fields of soybeans remain, but there’s still a considerable amount of corn to be harvested.”
    Marshel estimated that 85-90 percent of the county's soybeans have been cut, and about 75 percent of the corn has been harvested.

  • Area Harvest Moving Along

    Soybean harvest is still progressing well in Fayette County, with many farmers nearing completion.

    Corn harvest is slow to start, largely because grain moisture levels are still high. As a result, many farmers are letting the corn dry in the field rather than running their bin dryers. These pictures were taken in the Kaskaskia River bottoms just east of Vandalia on Monday.

  • Average cash rents for cropland top out at $385; Fayette County is $151

    The Illinois field office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service recently released statistics for cash rents in Illinois.