Today's Features

  • First photo: A large group of students met at Vandalia Community High School on Sept. 22, to participate in the national See You at the Pole day. VCHS counselor Luke Holt, right, is shown addressing the group. 

    Second photo: Students at Vandalia Junior High School also participated in the See You at the Pole activity before school on Wednesday, Sept. 22. The  student-led event included students as well as teachers. (Photo contributed)

  • By Dr. Melanie Schaafsma
     Monday afternoon at 1 p.m., Evergreen Outreach was held back at our “home” spot, the First United Methodist Church.  Our guests approved. Edith Simmons, from Brookstone, said, “It feels more like home,  and we have more space here.”

  • “Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ,” wrote St. Jerome. He is important for his translation of the Judeo-Christian Bible into the common language of the Roman Empire. Jerome’s interpretation, called the Vulgate, is still used today.
    For centuries, translators and interpreters have labored diligently to put the Hebrew of the First Testament and the Greek of the Second Testament into words people can understand who do not read the ancient languages. Their interest was to bring Christ to people in their native tongue.

  • Looking For a Mouse…
    Usually, when one is looking for a mouse, it is with dire and formidable thoughts and an intent to remove said mouse from the premises, permanently. In fact, the word, “terminate” even comes to mind.
    Not so in this case. The particular “mouse” I am looking for seems to almost be extinct, worn out, gone bad, etc. It is the “mouse” with which to operate my computer.

  • Returns Home
    Mahala Harpster of Cape Girardeau, Mo., returned home after spending the week with her parents, Dane and Belinda Harpster of St. Peter. After seeing a Dr. in Effingham, and getting medication, she was feeling much better when she left.
    Leone Bartimus of St. Peter died last Wednesday.
    The funeral was held on Saturday, with burial in Springhill Cemetery, rural Beecher City. Area survivors are daughter and son-in-law Liz and Jim Carson of St. Peter.
    St. Peter Church

  • By Anna Jean Rhodes


  • To paraphrase a familiar old nursery rhyme, “How does the Little Community Garden grow?
    “With work and toil, to prepare the soil,
    By Master Gardeners and volunteers,
    Working side by side through the years.
    Tilling, planting and weeding many hours,
    To provide the community with food and flowers.
    The Little Community Garden, tended with love,
    And blessed by the rains and sun, from Heaven above.”

    The Vision Planted

  • Thirty-two members and friends of the OASIS group from First Baptist Church of Vandalia traveled to Louisville, Ky., on Tuesday, Sept. 14, to attend the National Quartet Convention.
    There, they joined more than 40,000 others who attended the  event. Among the entertainment there were numerous concerts, Christian comedians, bluegrass groups and about 500 exhibitors.
    Concerts are held every morning, afternoon and evening in Freedom Hall.

  • “Be clean!,” says Jesus.
    The word is spreading – Jesus is coming to town. A leper, out of desperation, is going to see Jesus. Lepers were forbidden to enter into the towns and cities. They were forbidden to worship in the temple or synagogues due to their serious illness. In fact, they were forced to live away from their families and anyone considered to be clean.
    Separated from everyone,  they were commanded to call out the phrase, “Unclean! Unclean!,” when they approached someone.