Features http://www.leaderunion.com/features/todaysfeatures en Drivers are needed to keep OUTING going http://www.leaderunion.com/content/drivers-are-needed-keep-outing-going <img src="http://www.leaderunion.com/sites/www.leaderunion.com/files/imagecache/thumb85/facrs_operoutwietse2015.jpg" alt="Wietse Schaafsma" title="Wietse Schaafsma" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> Volunteer Wietse Schaafsma has been a driver for the Operation OUTING bus for more than six years, and at this time, is the only driver, as the years have taken their toll in health issues, disability, death and other conditions.</p> St. Elmo News http://www.leaderunion.com/content/st-elmo-news-214 <p> ANNOUNCEMENTS<br /> Thursday, November 19<br /> &bull; Exxon Mobil Annuitants, noon, Vandalia Pondersoas.<br /> &bull; The First United Methodist Church will have an all-church Thanksgiving dinner at 6 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. The Vit-Em-In Sunday school class is furnishing the turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, noodles, beverages and all of the table service. Those attending can take a vegetable, a salad or a dessert. This year is the 65th Anniversary of the class and the members hope the dinner will have a good attendance.<br /> Saturday, November 21<br /> Brownstown-Sefton News http://www.leaderunion.com/content/brownstown-sefton-news-210 <p> Critters Ready For Winter&hellip;<br /> &hellip; especially little Baby Bucky Burro. His pretty, long ears are now fuzzy, as his is face, which makes him all the cuter. He is just about as tall as his mom, Madricka, but she still corrects him with a stern little &ldquo;nib&rdquo; when he is acting up and trying to push her away from the carrots and petting.<br /> They both watch for the back door to open in the early mornings, and Madricka usually sends a message that it is time for breakfast when she sees us.<br /> Frogtown News http://www.leaderunion.com/content/frogtown-news-201 <p> Visits Parents<br /> Mahala and Harper Jacquin of Villa Ridge, Mo., spent Friday through Sunday with Dane and Belinda Harpster of St. Peter.<br /> Turkey Supper<br /> The annual turkey supper hosted by St. Peter&rsquo;s Lutheran Church and School will be held on Sunday in the St. Peter Lutheran School gym. Serving will begin at 5 p.m. The cost is: adults, $10; children, $5; and under 3: free. Carry-outs will be available. Supported by Thrivent Action Team.<br /> Shawn Lotz Benefit Account<br /> Shawn Lotz of St. Peter was critically injured on Oct. 25.<br /> Pipeline company helps Golden Years Club http://www.leaderunion.com/content/pipeline-company-helps-golden-years-club <p> When a Golden Years Club member met with Diane Pavinato, a representative of the U.S. Pipeline Inc., she explained the Golden Years Club&rsquo;s&nbsp; need for a new club building, due to the deterioration of its current home, which was originally the old Pilcher building of early Brownstown days.</p> Brownstown-Sefton News http://www.leaderunion.com/content/brownstown-sefton-news-209 <p> A Touching Experience &hellip; Literally<br /> Bill has served as custodian for the First Baptist Church for almost 11 years, and this year, also of Unity Baptist Church, (as Temple Baptist on Ill. Route 185 and First Baptist merged earlier in this year), and for that 11 years, he also was custodian for Vandalia Christian Academy, located at First Baptist Church on Sixth street.<br /> When he recently turned in his resignation as custodian, he made the comment, &lsquo;I am going to miss the kids.&rdquo;<br /> Frogtown News http://www.leaderunion.com/content/frogtown-news-200 <p> Card Showers<br /> A card shower is being held for the 90th birthday of Thelma Moeller on Nov. 8. Cards may be sent to: Thelma Moeller, 2131 E. 700 Ave. St. Peter, Ill. 62880.<br /> The family of Doris Wollin has requested a card shower for her 87th birthday on Nov. 11. Cards may be sent to: Doris Wollin, 815 N. 2200 St., St. Peter, Ill. 62880.<br /> Death<br /> Delphine Rubin of Decatur, died on Oct. 25, 2015. Delphine was the twin sister of Delmar Moeller of St. Peter.<br /> Injured in an Accident<br /> St. Elmo News http://www.leaderunion.com/content/st-elmo-news-213 <p> ANNOUNCEMENTS<br /> Thursday, November 5<br /> &bull; St. Elmo Business Association, noon, Mary Ann&rsquo;s Reataurant.<br /> &bull; The Wheatland Unit of Home and Community Education, 1:30 p.m., Mary Ann&rsquo;s Restaurant.<br /> &bull; St. Elmo Women&rsquo;s Civic Club will go to St. Mary&rsquo;s Catholic Church parking lot at 4 p.m. to pool rides to tour the new Effingham library. After the tour, they will go to Joe&rsquo;s Pizza in Altamont for supper.<br /> Saturday, November 7<br />