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We all must take part in government

We want to commend the editorial in the July 22 issue of The Leader-Union.
We agree that more questions should be asked in this uncertain economy. What used to work in the past does not mean it works today.
Asking questions may bring about new ideas, a better way of doing things, and maybe even why things are done like this. It may bring to light that this does not have to be done at all.
Our county is in dire financial shape because of reduced revenue and the lack of payments from the state. The board faces some hard decisions in the future. They need our support.
I imagine all of our governing bodies are feeling the same problems.
We urge everyone to get involved in our city council, school board or county board.
All you have to do is to pick one of these bodies and attend their meetings.
My wife and I have chosen the county board, and we attend their meetings when we can.
Show your support (pro or con) for the difficult decisions they have to make. Just being present helps to show your concern and support for your community.
Bill and Janet Friesner