Wright's Corner located in heart of oil field

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By Linda Hanabarger

Recently, I was asked where the ideas for my articles come from.

My reply was that sometimes the subject of an article is suggested by a question I am asked or by something I had read that piqued my interest and spurred my desire to know.
The following article, on Wright’s Corner, is an example of this. While having chemo  treatments this past Thursday, a lady told me that she had read my articles for some time and had been wondering when I would get around to writing about Wright’s Corner.
This is as good a time as any, and this article goes out to the lady who asked.
Wright’s Corner, in Section 16 of Loudon Township, is a crossroads community that takes its name from the Wright family that settled in this area from Knox County, Ohio.  It is situated in the center of the township and is located about nine miles north of St. Elmo.
Joshua and Thomas Wright, sons of John Wright, who was born in Clarke County, Pa., came to the area in the summer of 1839. This was the year of a major migration into our county from Knox County that included the Logues, Durbin and Workman families.
Joshua married Mary Jane Logue, and his brother, Thomas, married Catherine A. Miller. Joshua settled one-fourth of a mile west of Wright’s Corner, while Thomas also bought land in the area. This land is still in the Wright family.
Wright’s Corner has been a landmark for many years, since the Carter Oil Co. brought in oil rigs and began to develop the Loudon oil fields. 
Section 16, where Wright’s Corner is located, was what was known as a school section, when throughout the county this section was set aside for a school and for money raised though its sale to support the construction  of schools throughout the township.
For many years, this area was known as Hissong, named for the post office established there on Jan. 24, 1889, with Christopher Hissong as the first postmaster. Hissong was just south of Wright’s Corner, and though platted to be a town, it never developed into one.
A native of Pennsylvania, Hissong was born about 1821. He and he and wife, Margaret Vogel, established a home in Loudon Township in the 1840s, where they raised their family. 
Their children included William Allen,  who married Hannah Rhodes; George W.,  whose wife was Vanisha Wright; James M., who married Corabelle Haslett; Sarah, who married to a Dial and then to Louis McKenzie; Benjamin F., who died when he was nearly 15 years old; and John and Mary, who both died in the spring of 1868.
Hissong was Loudon Township supervisor in 1866 and again in 1881.
The first oil strike in the township was on the Henry Lilly farm, where oil was found at about 1,500 feet. A newspaper article from a March 1938 issue of The Ramsey News-Journal told that plans were made to “shoot” the well on Wednesday, but that was found unnecessary when oil was up to 1,100 feet in the hole.
By 1940, there were nine wells in the Loudon field and two in the St. James field.
Wright’s Corner is a major place on the plat maps of Loudon Township, although the neighborhood store there closed in 1988. 
Many memories surround the store that became the heart of the community for the oil field workers.