What does it take to be a great Christian?

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What does it take to be great?

We all have people we respect and want to be like,v especially when we are children. Usually, the people we want to emulate are considered to be great in their field of expertise.
Being from Alabama, football (American, not soccer) is the only sport that is played that matters. I know that in Illinois, basketball is important, but in Alabama, basketball was used to keep the football players from gaining weight during the winter.
When you come from a small high school like I did, the 15 athletes that you had had to play every sport in the school.
So, playing football in the backyard as we grew up was an important part of life.
Every boy had a particular team and player that he wanted to be like.
Now, I tend to be a little overweight (my definition of overweight may be different from yours) and rather slow (think tortoise not hare) as a runner.
Growing up, my favorite football team was the Dallas Cowboys, before Jerry Jones showed up.
But I did not dream of being Roger Staubach or “Bullet” Bob Hayes. I was to short and to slow. I wanted to be running back Robert Newhouse, No. 44.
He was only 5 feet, 10 inches tall (5 foot, 7 inches, for real) and more than 200 pounds, which was a little overweight back then.
I felt connected to him. I believed I could be like him.
And the thing that made him a great running back was the fact that he never quit, never gave up.
He was called the Human Bowling Ball, because he was so difficult to stop. Robert Newhouse was a great fullback because was committed to getting the job done. Commitment brings greatness, whether in sports or in life.
How do you become a Great Christian? Commitment! Making a decision to stay the course no matter the obstacles each and every day.
In Luke 9:23 Jesus said, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross DAILY, and follow Me.”
Take up his cross DAILY! Becoming a great follower of Jesus is a daily task. It is not a one-time decision.
The decision to follow Jesus is the first step toward becoming a great follower of Him.
To be great, we must make obedience to Jesus the top priority in our lives (deny yourself).
We must commit ourselves each day to seeking Jesus’ will for our lives.
We must do the things that Jesus commands us to do.
We must study the Bible, His word given to guide us.
We cannot just make a decision and never do anything after that decision.
If the decision is all we ever do decision for Jesus, we are at best a lousy Christian and at worst not a Christian at all.
When I finally stand before Jesus, I want Him to say me, “Well done.”
This will only happen if I make the commitment to follow Jesus daily! What kind of Christian do you want to be?