Well says ASA wooden bat tourney a success

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T-Town squad wins inaugural title

By Andrew Harner

Sixth-seeded Teutopolis Wessel’s on Sunday won the country’s inaugural Amateur Softball Association wooden bat state fast-pitch softball tournament at the Freight Field in Vandalia.

Wessel’s lost to the Belleville Stallions in the championship game, 11-2, but because that was Wessel’s first loss, the teams met again, with T-Town coming out on top, 9-1.

Getting to that title game was somewhat of a chore, however.

Heavy rains on Friday night caused tournament director Rich Well to adjust the schedule, and the 10 games scheduled for Saturday began shortly after 8 a.m., but didn’t end until 1:27 a.m. Sunday morning.

“I was real concerned with the rain we had on Friday and the possibility on Saturday, but I would say the tournament was a big success,” Well said. “There was some real good ball played, and the tournament brought money into the community, with people in town all weekend, which was one of the reasons we decided to host it.”

Well also mentioned that the tournament helped the Vandalia High School softball team, members of which ran the concession stand, raise some money for their Field of Dreams field renovation.

As for the late night on Saturday, there were several reasons why it happened.

Because of the rain, the field conditions were poor, so the infield needed work between games, and two games went into extra innings.

In addition, most of the other games went a full seven innings, instead of 6 1/2.

“We had a lot of games where the 'visiting' team won, so we had a lot of full seven-inning games,” Well said. “That’s an extra 15 minutes a game that you could potentially save time on.

“It’s not uncommon for tournaments with rain involved to go into extra time on Saturday night.”

Well expects the Illinois ASA to host another state wooden bat tournament, because across the country there seems to be a “wooden bat movement.”

But he doesn’t know if it will be held in Vandalia.

“We only have one diamond, so it limits us to eight teams in one weekend,” Well said. “If the team number expands, we would have to make adjustments, but it’s something we will look at.”

Results of each of the 17 games follow.

Saturday, July 30
Game 1

Belleville Stallions 7
Altamont Home Center 2
WP: Mike Godar
LP: Justin Roedl

Game 2
Shelbyville Liberty 5
Teutopolis Miller Lite 1
WP: Barry Dalmasso
LP: Einhorn
SV: Brad Sturdy

Game 3
Teutopolis Wessel’s 5
Villa Grove Knights 1
WP: Niebrugge
LP: Brent Stevenson

Game 4
Rockford BAC Pride 8
Teutopolis KC’s 0
WP: Ray Reynolds
LP: Schumacher

Game 5
Wessel’s 5
Liberty 3
WP: Niebrugge
LP: Mike Reis

Game 6
BAC Pride 5 (8 innings)
Stallions 2
WP: Reynolds
LP: Tim Davis

Game 7
(First loser’s bracket game)
The Home Center 2
KC’s 1
WP: Roedl
LP: Zerrusen

Game 8
Miller Lite 15
Knights 5
WP: Greg Einhorn
LP: Probst

Game 9
Knights 4 (9 innings)
Altamont 3
WP: Stevenson
LP: Jarred Simmons

Game 10
Miller Lite 5
KC’s 2
WP: Jason Einhorn
LP: Schumacher

Sunday, July 31
Game 11

Liberty 6
Knights 4
WP: Dalmasso
LP: Ring

Game 12
Stallions 6
Miller Lite 4
WP: Tim Davis
LP: G. Einhorn

Game 13
(Winner’s bracket final)
Wessel’s 3
BAC Pride 2
WP: Niebrugge
LP: Reynolds

Game 14
(Loser’s bracket semifinal)
Stallions 2
Liberty 0
WP: Mike Godar
LP: Marty Cloe

Game 15
(Loser’s bracket final)
Stallions 3
BAC Pride 2
WP: Davis
LP: Brian Nicholson

Game 16
(Championship game)
Stallions 11
Wessel’s 2
WP: Godar
LP: Niebrugge

Game 17
(If game)
Wessel’s 9
Stallions 1
WP: Mersman
LP: Godar

Final standings
First: Wessel’s (4-1)
Second: Stallions (5-2)
Third: BAC Pride (2-2)
Fourth: Liberty (2-2)
T-Fifth: Miller Lite (2-2)
T-Fifth: Knights (1-3)
T-Seventh: Home Center (1-2)
T-Seventh: KC’s (0-3)