Watson supports McCarter

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Since taking over for me last year, Kyle McCarter has done a great job representing us as state senator in the 51st District.
McCarter is working to reverse the disastrous last eight years of fiscal mismanagement in state government. Our state’s financial future – and the future of our children and grandchildren – are at risk. So, if we’re going to root out waste and live within our means, we need people in office like McCarter.  
McCarter is a small business owner who knows what it takes to create jobs, make a budget and meet a payroll. Since his first day in office, he has offered specific plans and ideas to reform government, revitalize the economy and restore respect for taxpayers. He fought for accountability and against the wasteful government spending that has nearly bankrupted Illinois. And he has called for a top-down review of government spending, to identify and cut waste before considering cuts to vital programs.
McCarter believes that government should begin to live within its means, and should not ask taxpayers for one more dime.  McCarter believes we should not bail out our irresponsible politicians on the backs of the hard-working men and women of Illinois. Putting more sand in a bucket with holes in it will never fill the bucket up, and we will never have enough sand.
On Nov.  2, we have a chance to send a message to Springfield – and, more importantly – move toward fiscal responsibility. We need to return Illinois to the days when it made its commitments to education and human services, and when it was one of the best states to locate and expand a business. We need to open Illinois for business again, and attract good jobs to our area.  
Please join me in voting for Kyle McCarter on Nov 2.
Frank Watson
State Senator, retired