Track and field results (May 12)

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By The Staff

Vandalia Girls
Saturday, May 7
SCC Frosh/Soph meet
First-place finisher
•Sierah Ruffner, high jump (5 feet, 10 inches)
Second-place finishers
•Megan Masters, 300-meter hurdles (0:59.9)
•Ruffner, triple jump (28 feet, 7 1/2 inches)
Third-place finishers
•Iris Daiber, long jump (13 feet)
•Randi Evans, 100-meter hurdles (0:20.3)
•Dokey, Ruffner, Evans and Daiber, 4X200-meter relay (2:03.3)
Fourth-place finishers
•Brittany Cook, 300-meter hurdles (1:03.8)
•Daiber, 100-meter hurdles (0:20.3)
•Dokey, Frakes, Evans and Ruffner, 4X100-meter relay (0:57.8)
Fifth-place finishers
•Leander, Cook, Masters and Rubin, 4X400-meter relay (5:22)
•Cook, Leander, M. Roberts and Rubin, 4X800-meter relay (12:53)
Sixth-place finisher
•Macey Dokey, 100-meter dash (0:14.2)
*Vandalia finished fourth, with 62 points
Monday, May 9
Vandalia Girls at Pana
First-place finishers
•Courtney Gordon, long jump (13 feet, 6 inches)
•Makenzie Roberts, 800-meter run (3:08.2)
•Booker, Dokey, Evans and Ruffner, 4X200-meter relay (3:08.2)
•Cook, M. Roberts, C. Roberts and Leander, 4X800-meter relay (13:02)
Second-place finishers
•Daiber, long jump (13 feet, 2 inches)
•Evans, 100-meter hurdles (0:19.6)
•Masters, 300-meter hurdles (1:00)
•Kelsey Rubin, 1,600-meter run (7:39.7)
•Ruffner, high jump (4 feet, 10 inches)
•Ruffner, triple jump (30 feet, 5 inches)
Third-place finishers
•Nikki Bolyard, 1,600-meter run
•Kelly Booker, 200-meter dash (0:32)
•Cook, 800-meter run (3:27.8)
•Daiber, 100-meter hurdles (0:20.6)
•Macey Dokey, 100-meter dash (0:14)
•Evans, 300-meter hurdles (1:04)
•Masters, long jump (11 feet, 8 1/2 inches)
•Chelsea Roberts, 400-meter dash (1:11)
*Vandalia finished second, with 44 points
St. Elmo Girls
at NTC Championships
First-place finisher
•Molly Hill, discus (101 feet, 4 inches)
Second-place finisher
•M. Hill, shot put (31 feet, 3 inches)
Sixth-place finishers
•Krissy Connell, triple jump (29 feet, 2 1/2 inches)
•Abby Hill, discus (71 feet, 1 inch)
Seventh-place finisher
•Brittani Beasley, shot put (28 feet, 4 1/2 inches)
Eighth-place finishers
•Connell, 400-meter dash (1:12.42)
•A. Hill, long jump (14 feet, 4 1/2 inches)
Ninth-place finishers
•Connell, long jump (14 feet, 3 1/2 inches)
•Lakin Evans, triple jump (24 feet, 2 1/2 inches)
•Whitney Lowe, 100-meter dash (0:14.15)
*St. Elmo finished seventh, with 20 points
Brownstown Jr. High
at Sectionals
First-place finisher
•Emily Bone, 400-meter dash (1:05.66)**
Second-place finishers
•Elizabeth Biggs, discus (72 feet, 1 inch)**
•Bone, 100-meter dash (0:13.91)**
•Bones, high jump (4 feet, 4 inches)**
•Curt Frailey, 200-meter dash (0:26.09)**
•Emily Frailey, Tabitha Dolan, Kyrstyn Fitch and Bones, 4X100-meter relay (0:57.47)**
Third-place finishers
•C. Frailey, 100-meter dash
•Nathan Matthews, 1,600-meter run
•Austin, Golden, Miller and Chaney, boys 4X100-meter relay (7)
•Matthews, Noll, Rhodes and Frailey, boys 4X100-meter relay (8)
•Brown, Sefton, Osmon and Grames, girls 4X400-meter relay (7)
**State qualifers for this weekend in Peoria