Too many regulations hurt volunteer efforts

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I'm writing in response to an article in Panzi Blackwell's column about not being able to make apple butter at the Golden  Years Club anymore.
There are still some people in Fayette County making apple butter.
It's very unfair, in my opinion.
The county said that one reason is that the copper kettle, which  gives the apple butter its flavor, could give people copper poisoning. It hasn't in the last 300 to 400 years.
There are a few people in Fayette County with a Socialist agenda, copied after the former Soviet Union. As Jim White always said, you can't fix stupid.
The apples for the apple butter are washed and the jars are sterilized.
The apple butter was one of the best money-making projects.  These people complaining have too much time on their hands.
The Golden Years Club receives no government help, unlike some senior citizens clubs. It seems that agencies regulating things like the making of apple butter have too much or too little things to do. People doing the complaining need to stop and clean their own house out.
Randy Meyer