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By The Staff

Wednesday, April 11
Thursday, April 12
• The Fayette County Home and Community Education Get-Acquainted Day will be held at the Brownstown Golden Years Club building. Registration will be at 9 a.m. and a brunch potluck at 9:30 a.m. Following the brunch, the Sefton Unit will present a skit, and there will be a Make It, Bake It, Sew It, Grow It auction. All interested in this county activity are invited to attend.
• The Lunch Bunch, noon, Mary Ann’s Restaurant. Those attending are reminded that there will not be an April Fools gift exchange this year.
• The St. Elmo Women’s Civic Club annual membership meeting will be a salad supper at 6 p.m. in St. Mary’s Catholic Church Parish Hall. The program will be presented by Pampered Chef Lynn Wolf. Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the St. Elmo Educational Foundation, community blood drives, St. Elmo Food Pantry and other community improvements. The public is invited to attend.
• The St. Elmo Library District Board, 7 p.m., St. Elmo Public Library.
• The annual meeting of the Members of the Fayette Water Company is at 7 p.m. at First Church of God, 3001 Thrill Hill Road, Vandalia. There will be reports, election of directors and new business concerning the resolution for borrowing/financing for Phase VII. There also will be three attendance prize drawings throughout the meeting.
• The Fayette County Board, 7 p.m., Fayette County Courthouse, Vandalia.
• Effingham Chapter #110, Order of the Eastern Star, 7:30 p.m., Effingham Masonic Temple.
Friday, April 13
• St. Elmo Elementary School kindergarten pre-registration, 12:30-3:30 p.m. Take a copy of the child’s registered birth certificate, Social Security card and updated immunization (shot) records. Students new to the district need to prove residency.
Saturday, April 14
• Boy Scout Troop #444 will have a bake sale at Petro from 9 a.m.-noon (or until sold out.)
Monday, April 16
• The Historical Vandalia Inc. Board, 6:30 p.m., Fayette County Museum, Vandalia.
• The St. Elmo Board of Education, 7:30 p.m., Unit Office.
Wednesday, April 18
• The annual St. Elmo FFA Banquet, 7 p.m., in the High School Cafeteria.
The FFA will cover the cost of the catered meal, but donations toward the cost will be accepted. All students are expected to wear official dress or suit and tie.
Thursday, April 19
• Vit-Em-In Sunday school class potluck, 6 p.m., Fellowship Hall of the First United Methodist Church.
• Friendship Quilt Club, 7 p.m., St. Elmo Public Library.
Future Announcements
• The Parent Teacher Organization fundraiser of supper, carnival and auction is scheduled for Saturday, April 21.
• Boy Scout Troop #444 will have a garage sale on April 28; the location will be determined at a later date.
To help start the new troop, donations are needed and anything will be taken.
To schedule a drop-off/pickup time, call Tamela Bartels-Polanin at 292-7373 or send an e-mail to stacyrocks78@hotmail.com.
Garrett Obituary
Dave Garrett, 81, died in a hospital in Billings, Mont., on April 5. He was a 1948 graduate of the St. Elmo High School. He was a minister in the Assembly of God churches for more than 30 years.
Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, April 11 in Laramie, WY where the family resided for many years.
He was preceded in death by his wife, Jean, in October 2011. Survivors include two sons.
Fayette County Museum
The Fayette County Museum, Vandalia, sponsored an open house on April 1 to introduce visitors to the current restoration project. Plans for future restoration and use of the upper level of the building were shown to the visitors.
The current special exhibit in the museum is, “Pictures and Artifacts from this Building.”
The Fayette County School Art Show, sponsored by Artworks Gallery, was open April 5-9, showing 170 pieces of art. Schools represented were South Central High and Junior High, 15 pieces; Brownstown Community Unit (K-11), 73 pieces; St. Peter Lutheran (K-8), 45 pieces; Vandalia Christian Academy (K-5), 24 pieces; Ramsey sixth grade, 12 pieces; and St. Elmo seventh grade, one piece.
In March, there were 220 registered visitors to the museum. Included were tours from St. Elmo Junior High, Nokomis Cornerstone Academy and Ramsey second grade. Donations of 15 items included a bust of Lincoln and a typed story “Life of D.M. Clark.”
Friendly Neighbors
An Easter dinner of the Friendly Neighbors featured ham baked by Irene Reed and a variety of potluck dishes, which included several desserts.
It was held at noon on April 3 at the Phillips Building, and Reed also decorated the tables in an Easter theme.
Friendly Neighbors donated money to the St. Elmo Food Pantry to help purchase Easter hams.
In addition to Reed of St. Elmo, those present were Shirley Smith of Altamont; Cora Miley and Dora Miley of Beecher City; Paula Brunk and Marybelle Ledbetter of Brownstown; Sasha Curry, Peyton Curry, Bob and Joanne Owen, Rosemary Owen, Marjorie Sarver, R. W. and Mary Smith, and Laverne and Leona Wright, all of St. Elmo; and Norbert and Helen Korte of Vandalia.
The program included a quiz given by Rosemary Owen and Cora Miley reading a poem, “Good Friday Dawning,” which was written by Panzi Blackwell of Brownstown.
Wright’s Corner HCE
The pledge of allegiance opened the April 4 meeting of Wright’s Corner Unit of Home and Community Education held in the Loudon Town House. Roll call was answered by “A sign of spring I’ve seen.”
The business included discussion of the County HCE Get-Acquainted Day that will be held April 12 in the Brownstown Golden Years Club building and members were reminded that each one is to take something for the Make It, Bake It, Sew It, Grow It auction or donate $5 to the HCE county budget.
The unit also will take a $5 gift for the door prize drawing.
Rosemary Owen gave both lessons, the special feature, “April Showers – Shelter in a Time of Storm,” and the major lesson “Going Green.”
For the Friendship Manor Nursing Home, the unit members took to the meeting homemade cupcakes (Mary Smith made 15 sugar-free ones). A cupcake was put in a grass-lined decorated plastic bag and taken by Owen, Irene Reed and Ina Abendroth to Friendship Manor after the meeting.
Members’ leftover cupcakes were served as refreshments, along with Kool-Aid and lemonade furnished by Janice Garrison.
Those present in addition to Owen, Smith, Reed, Abendroth and Garrison were Carol Austin, Shirley Smith, Helen Wright and Leona Wright.
The Council of Catholic Women met the evening of March 3 in St. Mary’s Catholic Church Parish Hall, with the following answering roll call with, “What is your favorite ice cream?” – Karen Denning, Debbie Hough, Libby Kessel, Lucille Koeberlein, Lavonne Kramer, Mary Myers, Pat Porter, Carol Rine and Ann Rowland.
Cards were signed for parish members who are ill.
Two dinners the CCW will be in charge of were planned. The first one is for the mothers and daughters of the parish (women who don’t have a daughter to take are asked to take a friend as a guest). It will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 1, in the church parish hall. CCW members are to take two potluck dishes.
Following the 5:30 p.m. Mass on Saturday, June 9, a dinner will be held to honor fathers and high school graduates of the parish; CCW members are to take two potluck dishes.
Koeberlein and Myers were hostesses and served angel food cake with a fruit and whipped topping, cheese balls, crackers, mixed nuts, Easter candy, soda and coffee from a table with the centerpiece, plates and napkins carrying out an Easter theme.
Polio Survivors & Friends
Polio Survivors and Friends of East-Central Illinois had a meeting the afternoon of April 7 in the Sarah Bush Lincoln Education Center in Mattoon.
The fact that it was a holiday weekend may have been the reason only six attended: Betty Anderson, Glee Helms and Mary Lou Replogle, all of Charleston; John and Teresa Flinn of Wheeler; and Anna Jean Rhodes of St. Elmo.
They did not have a program, but had a good discussion and are going to try to have a speaker at the May meeting.
Annie Barber of Charleston and her father, Bill Heise (now deceased) of Charleston, started the Polio Survivors and Friends of East-Central Illinois in August2005. She is a nurse, and as president of the group, has helped in many ways throughout the years. Because of increasing job and family responsibilities, she announced at the March meeting, she is retiring as president, but is willing to remain a member and be an adviser.
Helms is now is serving as president and Replogle as treasurer. Dawn Maple of Charleston is doing the monthly newsletter, which was originally done by Marian Martin of Altamont. Of the 60 or so members in the Polio Survivors and Friends of East-Central Illinois, the monthly letter is e-mailed to 20 and snail mailed to the others.
The organization has many books, articles, and videos on polio and post polio. The books include Bruno’s “The Polio Paradox: What you need to know.”
There also is a binder with the members’ polio stories in it. These can be loaned out to those interested in polio and/or post polio.
The organization does not have a mission and may decide to have a mission statement similar to one shown by Helms.
She lived in California for several years and was a member of the San Francisco Bay Area Polio Survivors. Their mission statement is:
Promote well-being and improve the quality of life of disabled polio survivors, in order to enable them to lead a life of dignity and independence; educate and communicate to polio survivors and their caregivers, the medical community and the general public accurate information for information on issues and needs related to long-term disability; be a resource center to members and the community for information on issues and needs related to post polio and the disabled; associate and cooperate with other organizations and groups advocating for the benefit of all persons with disabilities.
The Saturday, May 5, meeting will be at 1 p.m. in the Sarah Bush Lincoln Education Center, and all interested in polio are invited to attend. Those who wish to eat together can do so at noon in the hospital cafeteria.