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By The Staff

Wednesday, June 22
• Royal Neighbors of America #5784, 4:30 p.m., Altamont McDonald’s.

Thursday, June 23
• St. Elmo Unit of Home and Community Education, 1:30 p.m., St. Elmo Public Library.
Monday, June 27
• Fayette County Board of Home and Community Education, 10 a.m., Vandalia Extension Office.
• St. Elmo Lions Club and guests, 6 p.m., Mary Ann’s Restaurant. Officers will be installed after the dinner.
• Fayette County Republican Women, 7 p.m., in the Vandalia First National Bank basement.
Tuesday, June 28
• St. Elmo Masonic Lodge #769, 7:30 p.m., Masonic Temple.     
Thursday, June 30
• Exxon/Mobil Annuitants, noon, Vandalia Ponderosa.
HCE Annual Meeting
The 63rd annual meeting for the Fayette County Home and Community Education was held June 14 at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Vandalia, with 44 members and five guests present.
The state HCE theme, Circus Extravaganza, was used to decorate the tables with clowns. Since June 14 is Flag Day, the tables also held small flags.
Registration was at 11 a.m. and each received a program, a sheet with information on the circus of America 1793-1940 on one side and a Circus Extravaganza poem written by Panzi Blackwell on the other side, and also a small flag pin from President Flo Allen.
The potluck meal was at 11:30 a.m., with the blessing given by Mary Smith. After the meal, the business meeting was called to order by President Allen and all united in the pledge of allegiance.
Second Vice President Anna Jean Rhodes opened the memorial service for HCE members who died since the last annual meeting.
Anita Smith gave a memorial report on Joan Frieders of the Vandalia Day Unit, who joined in October 2010 and died the same month.
Allen gave a memorial report on Ruby Thompson of the Sefton Unit, who joined in 1953 and died in January 2011.
Irene Reed gave a memorial report on Helen Shelton of the Wright’s Corner Unit, who was a charter member and died in February 2011.
Rhodes closed the memorial service with a prayer.
The treasurer’s report for April 2010 through March 2011 was printed in the program. The audit committee report was given and the presentation of the 2011-12 budget was read by Rhodes in Dorothy Harpster’s absence, and it was approved.
The next two items were on dues. The proposal to raise the $10 dues for the 2012-13 year to $13 was approved. The proposal for the unit members who have been Home Bureau-Homemakers Extension Association-Home and Community Education for 50 or more years who are unable to regularly attend the meetings can pay only the state dues of $3 to become a mailbox member (they will get the lesson sheets and the quarterly newsletter from their units), and this was approved.
Each of the Fayette County Board members was called on to give a report if she had anything to share. First Vice President Phyllis Pryor said a program planning meeting for all unit first vice chairmen will be held, with the date will be announced later. International Shirley Klitzing reported that the October International potluck will be on Scotland, with Le Mar and Billye Jo Marchman of St. Elmo giving the program. The date will be announced later. Public Relations Panzi Blackwell asked the units to tell her about their plans, so she can publicize HCE.
Second Vice Rhodes had state HCE certificates for members of 60 or more years that were signed by the State President Marilyn Doughhetee and State Second Vice Sandra Bechtold.
The 63-year certificates were for Hermmine Grant, who is a St.Peter mailbox member; Vontella McEndollar of Wheatland; Martha O’Dell of St. Peter; and Ilene Sidwell of Sefton, all charter members. None were present, but their units will give the certificates to them.
Rhodes was present to receive a 62-year certificate. The 60-year certificates were for Geraldine Casey of Bingham/Ramsey, MaryEllen Lovett of Wheatland and Lucile Smith of Vandalia Day. None were present but their units will give the certificates to them.
Those recognized for being members 50 years or more are Dorothy Harpster of St. Peter, 54 years; Mary Stokes of Bingham/Ramsey for 53 years; and Sally Behrends and Lucille Fisher, both of the Sefton Unit, and Freda Wills of St. Elmo for 52 years.
The newest 50-year member is Ruth Schnake of the St. Peter Unit. She was unable to attend ,but a 50-year pin and state certificate will be given to her by the unit.
New members recognized were the following:  Lora Foutch and Nancy Shipman of the Sefton Unit, Loretta Heischmidt, Mindy Roe and Sharon Shelton of the St. Elmo Unit, and Margaret E. Dunn, Joan Frieders and Debby Segrist of the Vandalia Day Unit. The only one present was Segrist, who was given a Homemakers Aims certificate and a purple flower. The units took the certificates and flowers for those who were not present.
Fayette County HCE started the 2010 year with 112 members; eight new members joined during the year and three died, making the membership 117 at the end of May 2011.
Another recognition presented was for consecutive years of perfect attendance. Vontella McEndollar of the Wheatland Unit missed having perfect attendance in the 2010-11 year but until this year, she had 48 years of perfect attendance, the most any member ever had. She was not able to attend, but a plaque with her name and the dates of 1948-2010 was given to her unit to present to her.
The next highest perfect attendees are Irene Reed of Wright’s Corner, 17 years; Flo Allen of Sefton, Dorothy Harpster of St. Peter and Anita Smith of Vandalia Day, each 15 years; Kate Jennings of Wright’s Corner and Karen Denning of St. Elmo, each 13 years; Elizabeth Kasten and Shirley Klitzing, both of Sefton, each 12 years; and Evelyn Probst of Bingham/Ramsey, 10 years.
Next on the agenda was the election of the county officers and the following were installed by the HCE District 6 Director Debbie Borries of Effingham, who gave each one a circus bookmark:  Flo Allen, president; Phyllis Pryor, first vice president; Anna Jean Rhodes and Joyce Moore, co-second vice presidents; Mary Smith, secretary; Dorothy Harpster (who was absent) treasurer; Irene Reed, family issues; Shirley Klitzing, international and cultural enrichment; and Panzi Blackwell, public relations.
Borries then gave a short talk. She announced that because of employment, she has had to resign as District 6 director, and Fayette was the final county she visited with. The new District 6 director is Marilyn Shaffer of Effingham County.
Anita Smith of the Vandalia Day Unit received the Homemaker of the Year plaque. She has been a member for 21 years, with 15 years of perfect attendance, and is the unit secretary and the county community outreach officer.
Other county board offices held previously were secretary for a number of years and family relations for one year.
The Sefton Unit was the name put on the Unit of the Year plaque. Sefton Unit scored the highest on the first 12 questions. They have 30 members and they have a larger percent of the members attend the county activities.
They answered the next four questions with numerous things they do – a non-scheduled lesson the unit conducted, community service activities unit helped sponsor, community outreach projects unit participated in, included making 21 dresses for African children, and family issues unit participated in, included 72 items plus $10 cash to the Vandalia Pregnancy Center, 109 items ($150 value) to the Veterans and 85 items plus $70 cash for Caring and Sharing.
Guests who attended the meeting were the following: Debbie Boley, Extension office secretary; Rachelle Hollinshead, Extension director; Debbie Borries of Effingham; Nancy Arnold of Brownstown; and Lura Tarter of Vandalia.
Members who attended were the following:  Evelyn Probst, May Della Probst, Mary Ann Rhoades, Mary Stokes and Veda Stout of the Bingham/Ramsey Unit; Flo Allen, Sally Behrends, Panzi Blackwell, Rosamond Hobler, Elizabeth Kasten, Shirley Klitzing, LaVonne Kramer, Shirley Mattes, Phyllis Pryor, Normalee Terry, Marge Weiss, Betty Williams and Marilyn Yakel of the Sefton Unit; Anna Jean Rhodes of the St. Elmo Unit; Marcella Albrecht, Doris Rubin, Luella Rubin, Marian Rubin, Lois Meyer and Sandra Runge of the St. Peter Unit; Karen Hyde and Joyce Moore of the Wheatland Unit; Ina Abendroth, Kate Jennings, Irene Reed, Mary Smith and Una Tish of the Wright’s Corner Unit; and Ruth Brackenbush, Joyce Carter, Elaine Dunn, Carrie Hill, Alice Maxey, Joan Maxey, Joyce Mueller, Alvena Noffsinger, Anita Smith, Debbie Segrist, Irene Smith and Verna Stallings of Vandalia Day.
Sefton Unit was in charge of the decorations, St. Elmo Unit in charge of registration, Vandalia Day Unit made the tea and coffee, St. Peter Unit arranged the food on the tables and Bingham/Ramsey, Wheatland and Wright’s Corner units were in charge of the cleanup.
Lions Club
The newly elected Lions Club officers will be installed Monday, June 27, preceded by a dinner with guests at Mary Ann’s Restaurant. Lloyd Stanley, the longest serving member, will install the officers.
At the meeting held the evening of June 13 at Mary Ann’s Restaurant, the club had a Labor Day discussion. The cake walk booth will not have a tent over it this year, because Randy Wolf, the provider of the tent, has prior commitments and will not be available.
There was discussion on the different award categories for the parade. Entry fees will stay the same as last year. There was discussion on the parade marshal.
Jim Strange is to become governor of L-1 July 1. He has asked if anyone in Zone 41 would like to be the zone chairman of the district, and no one accepted.
President Dave Maxey opened the meeting by leading the members in the pledge of allegiance, and Richard Lowe gave the meal blessing.
Other members present were Don Crawford, John Crawford, Lewis Crawford, Kent (Pee Wee) Denton, Roger Fulk, Robert (Bob) Lowe, Le Mar Marchman, Charles Moore, Rex Reeder and Lloyd Stanley.
Zajicek Missionaries
An e-mail report on June 16 to Anna Jean Rhodes from missionaries in Columbia, South America, follows, Frank and Luz Zajicek.
“Marie continues to improve slowly from tonsillitis and a few other ailments. She has honed her skills in screaming and the like so that she now has offers from local fire and police departments to record for siren replacements.
Luz is OK, tho a bit tired from episodes at night with Marie.
Stevie is learning a lot and asking questions about all aspects of life and God, plus enjoying being just 5 years of age….
Whilst scurrying on foot to get things done before a meeting yesterday PM, Frank made an unscheduled stop about a half-inch beyond where he should have, in front of a metal grate strategically placed to inflict pain and discomfort on unsuspecting walkers.
After a few stitches and X-rays, he was released under his own recognizance. Though suffering a bit, he is expected to be better than ever, with a new appreciation for the phrase “haste makes waste.”
Luz is teaching a ladies group weekly on basic Bible beliefs, as well as disciplining two other ladies during the week.
She also works with Frank on visits and outreach in the Gaira area. Currently, we are investigating two possibilities for a different house and large backyard for the ministries here.
Frank and Luz continue with a Wednesday evening prayer time and Bible teaching in their house in Gaira.
Also, they have begun to relate to their new neighbors, making relevant presentations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
OANSA kids program is in recess due to school vacations. We plan to crank up again in mid-July.
Please pray for Frank as he served on the Esperanza Church Board, etc. He needs lots of wisdom for what to say, or to keep quiet as well as how to encourage the pastors.
Many thanks for prayers and encouragement to us!
Your co-laborers in Christ, Frank and Luz with Marie and Stevie.”
Frank Zajicek was the agronomist at the Brownstown Ag Center back in the 1970s and early 1980s.
Vit-Em-In Potluck
For the Vit-Em-In Class potluck held the evening of June 16 in the fellowship hall of First United Methodist Church, the tables had several centerpieces – large white hydrangea in a blue bowl with a flag in the middle.
Richard Lowe gave the meal blessing. Others present were Bob Cox, Pastor John Eisfelder, Frank and Delva Krost, Ed and Barb Lane, Bob and Joanne Owen, Rosemary Owen and Anna Jean Rhodes. This was the first time the men outnumbered the women.
Delva Krost conducted a short business meeting after the meal and Rhodes gave several humorous articles.
Royal Neighbors Mothers/Fathers Supper
Royal Neighbors of America #5784 held a Mothers/Fathers Supper at the Loudon Town House at 5 p.m. on June 18. Fried chicken and ham were served, along with potluck favorite dishes.
Raymond Lilly of Beecher City was the oldest father, Edna Wright of St. Elmo the youngest mother, and Ina Abendroth of St. Elmo has the youngest great-grandchild.
Others present were Clement Lilly, Rosemary Owen, Irene Reed, Larry Reed, Marjorie Sarver, Bill, Della and David Stewart, Betty Wright, Laverne and Leona Wright, and Oliver Wright, all of St. Elmo, and Ruth Ann Lilly of Beecher City.
Several games of bingo were played. David Stewart won the door prize.
Report of community service projects for the month of June was taken. It also was voted to donate $100 to Fayette County Extension 4-H trophy fund.