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By The Staff

Thursday, June 13
• Lunch Bunch, noon, Mary Ann’s Restaurant.
• The St. Elmo District Library Board, 7 p.m., St. Elmo Public Library.
• The Fayette County Extension Foundation, 7:30 p.m., Extension Office, Vandalia.
• The Effingham Chapter #110 Order of the Eastern Star, 7:30 p.m., Effingham Masonic Temple.
• The Fayette County Livestock Committee, 8 p.m., Extension Office, Vandalia.
Friday, June 14
• At the National Road Festival on Saturday, Fayette County Home and Community Education is sponsoring a baking contest open to teens 13-19, and adults age 20 and over. Applications have to be received by Friday at the National Road Interpretive Center at 106 S. Fifth St., Vandalia
• The St. Elmo Ministerial Alliance, in conjunction with Royal Neighbors of America, will host a spaghetti supper fundraiser for the Swarms Family. It will be from 5-8 p.m. at the First Church of God S.H.E.D. The cost of the meal is a donation.
• Opening critique and reception for the Amateur Town and Country Art Show and Professional Art Show will be held at 7 p.m. in the Fayette County Museum.
Saturday, June 15
• The exhibit of the annual Amateur Town and Country Art Show and Professional Art Show starts Saturday and runs through June 23 at the Fayette County Museum, Vandalia. Sponsored by the Artworks Gallery, it will be held in the museum’s upstairs from 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and from 1-4 p.m. this Sunday. There is no admission charge.
• Items for the National Road Festival teen and adult divisions in the baking contest sponsored by the Fayette County Home and Community Education have to be taken to the Gallatin Street entrance of First National Bank by 11 a.m.
Sunday, June 16
Happy Father’s Day!
• Fayette County Museum will be open from 1-4 p.m. for the viewing of the annual Town and Country Art and Professional Art Shows.
Monday, June 17
• Historical Vandalia Inc. Board, 6:30 p.m., Fayette County Museum, Vandalia.
Tuesday, June 18
• The 65th annual meeting of Fayette County Home and Community Education is at the Vandalia Holy Cross Lutheran Church. Registration is at 11 a.m. and the potluck at 11:30 p.m.
The afternoon business session will include a memorial service for members who died the past club year, recognition of members who joined 50 or more years ago, new members the past club year and those who had perfect attendance. The state HCE president will install the 2013-14 officers. Homemaker of the Year and Unit of the Year will be announced.
All HCE members who can are urged to attend the annual meeting, and guests will be welcomed.
Wednesday, June 19
• Reverb Youth will not meet next Wednesday. St. Elmo Christian Church will be decorating for the vacation Bible school.
Thursday, June 20
• Vit-Em-In Sunday school class potluck, 6 p.m., First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall.
Future Benefit Announcement
A “Generate the Love for Barry” benefit to help Barry Coughlin purchase an automatic generator will be held at Summer Breeze Wine House in St. James on Saturday, June 22, from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Barry plans to be present.
Hot dogs will be served from 11 a.m. through 1 p.m. or until they run out. One hundred percent of all the proceeds from the sale will go to Barry.
Also, one-half of the sales of all glasses of wine, all glasses of beer and soda sales will go to Barry. There will be music and the performers will be donating.
Barry has ALS also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. He is in a wheelchair and is completely unable to move to go start a generator and deal with any kind of power outage. When he loses power, he loses air conditioning or heating, among other life needs, and loses his ability to communicate with his loved ones. An automatic generator would help him survive a power outage.
The generator and all the necessary materials to get it up and going could cost more than $5,000. Any extra money raised at this benefit will go to help Barry maintain and live in comfort and safety. To enjoy nature, he has longed for a screened-in area on porch, but he needs an automatic door to be able to go outside, and it would cost about $1,700.
Businesses are being asked to get involved by doing “Barry Business Benefits.” They are asked to make flyers to tell customers what they are offering for the benefit, such as one-half off a service, a gift basket that will be raffled, a raffle for an item the business sells, a percentage of sales, etc.
Businesses that help raise funds for the benefit are asked to give the monetary donations to Barry on June 22.
Those who wish to help, but cannot make it to the benefit, can make a check out to the Barry A. Coughlin Trust and send it to Summer Breeze Wine House at RR 2, Box 195-D, St. Elmo, Ill. 62458.
Friendly Neighbors
After the pledge of allegiance, Mary Smith gave the meal blessing for the Friendly Neighbors potluck held at noon June 4 at the Phillips Building. Others present were Irene Reed, Bob and Joanne Owen, Rosemary Owen, Marjorie Sarver, R. W. Smith, and Laverne and Leona Wright, all of St. Elmo; and Shirley Smith of Altamont.
The July 2 meeting of Friendly Neighbors will not be a potluck. Members will go “Dutch” at the Brownstown Hitchin’ Post.
Vacation plans for the summer was the roll call answered by the following Council of Catholic Women meeting held in St. Mary’s Catholic Church Parish Hall the evening of June 4: Karen Denning, Mona Durbin, Debbie Hough, Lucille Koeberlein, Lavonne Kramer, Mary Myers, Jan Niemeyer, Pat Porter and Betty Springman. A guest was Springman’s granddaughter, Brianna Springman.
Kramer installed the following officers for the 2013-14 year: Ann Rowland (who was unable to be present), president; Denning, vice president; Durbin, secretary; Porter, treasurer; and Myers, reporter.
Hostess Springman served ham salad, crackers, strawberry Jell-o poke cake, nuts, M & M’s, lemonade and tea.
The CCW does not meet in July and August. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, Sept. 3.
Wright’s Corner HCE
Wright’s Corner Unit of Home and Community Education elected officers for the 2013-14 year at the June 5 meeting held at the Loudon Town House. They are Carol Austin, chairman; Janice Garrison, first vice; Helen Wright, second vice; and Kate Jennings, secretary/treasurer.
After the pledge of allegiance opened the meeting, roll call was “Do you plant a garden?”
Following the business, Rosemary Owen gave the special feature, “Gifts from the Heart-Ideas on Giving,” and the major lesson, “Celebrations and Traditions.”
Present at the meeting were Ina Abendroth, Carol Austin, Irene Reed, Rosemary Owen, Mary Smith, Shirley Smith, Una Tish, Helen Wright and Leona Wright, and a guest, Larry Reed.
Wheatland HCE
Erna Koontz was hostess in her home to members of the Wheatland Unit of Home and Community Education the afternoon of June 6. After the pledge of allegiance, roll call, “Do you plant a garden?,” was answered by Joan Aderman, Karen Hyde, MaryEllen Lovett, Sandra Lovett, Joyce Moore, Marilyn Sproat and the hostess.
Koontz gave the history of the iron, MaryEllen Lovett gave a humorous reading and Aderman gave the history of the flag and Father’s Day.
Officers elected for the 2013-14 year are Hyde, chairman; Koontz, first vice; Aderman, second vice; Joyce Moore, secretary; and Fern Moore, treasurer.
Moore gave the special feature, “Gifts from the Heart-Ideas on Giving,” and Hyde gave the major lesson, “Celebrations and Traditions.”
Refreshments served by the hostess included pineapple upside-down cake.
The activity for the month of July will be to go to the Hodgson flour mill in Effingham. They are to meet Thursday, July 11, at 9:45 a.m. at the Cross in Effingham. Their appointment at the nearby mill is at 10 a.m.
Middleton Reunion
The 46th annual Middleton Reunion was held from 11:30-2:30 p.m. on Sunday at Ryan’s in Effingham. Those attending were Steve and Marsha Wright and Earl and Nancy Frailey, all of Beecher City; John Prosser and Cindi Houchkins, both of Normal; Charles and Maria Prosser of Effingham; Perry Price of Dieterich; and Gilbert Wright, Bev Crawford and Anna Jean Rhodes, all of St. Elmo.
Rindy Harper Wohlstadter of Clinton, Iowa, has been in charge of the reunions for several years and sent letters or emails to announce where this year’s reunion would be held. Because of having a recent emergency appendectomy, she was unable to attend.
Maria Prosser took over being in charge.
The meal blessing was given by Perry Price.
The game of Gimmi-Gimme, Take-Take was the entertainment. Those wishing to participate were told to take an item or two for the event. There were enough items for everyone to sign three slips of paper, which were put in a container. As a name was drawn, the person could go to the table to pick something he or she wanted.
But before this, Maria Prosser had the oldest one present, Gilbert Wright (who will be 93 in July), pick out something from the table. John Prosser had travelled the farthest and got to choose a gift. Gilbert also got to select another one from the table because he had the most family members present.
Next was the game. When a name called the person got to go to the table to select something – there were many items including candies, candles, books, Fayette County games, etc. When a name was called and the gift wanted had already been selected, it could be taken away. That is where the Gimmi-Gimmi, Take-Take came in.
The reunions are usually scheduled on the second Sunday in June.
Rhodes-Side Gleanings
I did go to Champaign on June 3 to get my handicap van exit door and ramp finally working. It had quit working on May 18 and I had a couple of weeks of frustration – if I needed to go somewhere, I had to have someone manually work the door and ramp, so I could get in or out of the van.
I first had to go to Vandalia to Hosick Motors to pick up the part that was needed and then went to United Access at Champaign for my 1 p.m. appointment. They had ordered another part that was needed. It took 4½ hours to get the door/ramp fixed.
Now, when I punch the button on the key, the door opens and the ramp goes down as it should and both close when I need them to by punching the key button again.
Several different people have helped me, some more than once, but would not take any money for their service. In appreciation of their help for two weeks, I am making a donation to the St. Elmo Food Pantry.