St. Elmo Jr. High Softball (Aug. 16)

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By The Staff

The St. Elmo Junior High softball team is 2-4 through the first six games of the season.

Box scores for those games follow:

Tuesday, Aug. 14
Mulberry Grove 15
St. Elmo 3
SE:   2-0-1-0—3-3-4
MG: 5-4-2-4—15-8-2
LP: Hoopingarner
Lady Eagles: Parkison, 1-for-2, run, RBI; Viramontes, 1-for-2, run; Brown, 1-for-2, run; Moss, RBI; Hoopingarner, BB; Da. Shelton, BB.

Saturday, Aug. 11
at Beecher City Tournament
Stew-Stras 14
St. Elmo 1
SS: 2-0-1-4-7—14-3-1
SE: 0-0-1-0-0—1-1-6
LP: Hoopingarner
Lady Eagles: Viramontes, 1-for-2; Parkison, run, BB; Brown, BB; Philpot, BB; Hoopingarner, BB.

Mulberry Grove 11
St. Elmo 3
SE:   0-0-0-3-0—3-6-0
MG: 3-2-3-3-X—11-9-0
LP: Baron
Lady Eagles: Brown, 2-for-3, 2B, RBI, run; Zasada, 1-for-2, RBI; Viramontes, 1-for-3, run; Baron, 1-for-3, run; Parkison, 1-for-3; De. Shelton, BB.

St. Elmo 8
Beecher City 6
BC: 3-0-3-0-0-0—6-2-0
SE:  2-0-3-3-0-X—8-12-2
WP: Hoopingarner
Lady Eagles: Baron, 3-for-3, 2B, 2 RBI; Brown, 2-for-3, HR, 3B. 3 RBI, 2 runs; Zasada, 2-for-3, 2B, 2 RBI, run; Parkison, 2-for-3, 2 runs; Viramontes, 1-for-3, run; Moss, 1-for-3; Phillips, 1-for-2, RBI; Hoppingarner, 1-for-1.

Thursday, Aug. 9
St. Elmo 15
Windsor 0
W:  0-0-0-0-0—0-0-4
SE: 1-7-5-2-X—15-5-1
WP: Hoopingarner
Lady Eagles: Brown, 2-for-4, 2 RBI, 2 runs; Parkison, 1-for-2, 4 runs, RBI, 2 BB; Da. Shelton, 1-for-2, 2 runs, BB; Viramontes, 1-for-3, RBI, 2 runs, BB; De. Shelton, 2 BB, run; Baron, 2 BB, run; Moss, BB, run; Zasada, BB, run; Bollhorts, run; Hoopingarner, BB; Philpot, BB.

Monday, Aug. 6
Ramsey 14
St. Elmo 9
R:   3-2-4-3-1-1-0—14-2-3
SE: 1-0-2-0-5-0-1—9-7-6
LP: Baron
Lady Eagles: Brown, 3-for-3, HR, 3B, 3 RBI, 3 run, BB; Philpot, 2-for-4, RBI, run; Da. Shelton, 1-for-4, RBI, run; Moss, 1-for-4, RBI; Parkison, 2 BB, 2 runs; Baron, run.