Speculation on Depot fire

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I am not suggesting anyone purposely caused the fire to the Depot but it does seem odd that the depot burned down both times during a time that seems like a lull in business. Was the previous fire determined a accident and if so why where there no working systems in place to warn, prevent , or reduce the likelyhood of a fire like this from occuring again? What are the odds of this type of thing happening again?

I just cannot help but wondering?



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I don't have the intention of spreading or starting rumors or anything of the sort, but I believe that The Depot burning down a second time is not a mere coincidence, but I believe it was arson. I think someone, for whatever reason, had motivation to burn down The Depot. Given the fact that The Depot is/was half bar, I think it is entirely possible that an intoxicated individual could have done it. The same person could have been responsible for the fire that started in Cage's as well. It's plausible.