Shame on city for allowing our pool, Scout House to deteriorate

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I am writing this letter in answer to the debate regarding the Vandalia swimming pool repairs. The park superintendent's plan of "letting it die a slow death" is distressing and disappointing to me.
I wonder what will be the next facility to fall behind in Vandalia. First, the wonderful Scout House that Mr. and Mrs. Charles Evans built and donated to the city so young people would have a place to gather and learn how to get along with their peers and enjoy the camaraderie. I attended Brownie and Girl Scout meetings and many cookouts there.
During those years, there was no swimming pool in Vandalia, so we were driven to Greenville Lake for a day of swimming. In 1953, and later, my children were able to enjoy the Vandalia pool while visiting Grandpa and Grandma in the summertime.
It seems to me that the care of these two places was not kept up over the years in a timely manner, so that the Scout House and the pool have been let go to die a slow death.
Shame on the city for forgetting all the young people who enjoyed both of these facilities. I feel sorry for the new generations of youngsters who will not have memories of these two landmarks.
C. R. White