Senior Spotlight: Jordan Boren

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Boren has been the Lady Vandals' best doubles player this year

By Andrew Harner

Consistency has been the key ingredient to the tennis success of Vandalia senior Jordan Boren.

She isn’t a hard-hitter, but she always places her shots where they need to go, and by primarily teaming with the same player since she was a freshman, it has allowed Boren to lead the team in doubles wins this season, with 11.

“Her shots are consistent,” said coach Kevin Schroeder. “She doesn’t try to overhit things, and I think she is always looking ahead to where she can go with a shot.”

Boren has had fellow senior Emilie Britt as a doubles partner since their first season, and while some of her wins this season came with different players, Boren is most comfortable with Britt.

That duo will be playing doubles at this weekend’s conference tournament in Roxana, and has a chance to earn some wins there.

“My partner and I have been the same since freshman year,” Boren said. “We have a bond, and connect with each other.

“She’s really good at the net, and I am really good at forehands and backhands, so we even each other out.”

Boren began getting time at the varsity level last season, and has really blossomed into a strong player, exceeding expectations in her final year on the team.

She and Britt have won six straight doubles matches.

“She’s worked hard and gotten a little bit better each year,” Schroeder said. “Now, she is starting to see success come with that, and she’s earned every bit of it.”

Boren is also a reason why the Lady Vandals have a 6-5 team record, and she said that it’s been fun to have so much success – especially after joining the team as a freshman just to do something that her friends were doing.

“And I’ve loved all the fun bus rides,” she said.

The next stop for Boren will be at a four-year university where she plans to study chemistry, but first she will look to finish her final season with a few more tennis highlights.

The Boren File

The Leader-Union's rapid-fire Q&A with Jordan Boren.

Nickname: Jordy-Tay.
Parents: Tammy and Steve.
Pro team: Pittsburgh Steelers.
Favorite opponent: Greenville.
Food: Sour gummy worms.
Movie: 21 Jump Street.
TV show: Jersey Shore.
Dream job: Professional singer.