Seeking Help with ID's

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By The Staff

local residents in identifying individuals who appear in this photo, which Harrison believes was taken in 1894-95.

Signs on the building indicate that the first floor of the building in the photo was used as the Fayette County Baptist Church and the second floor was an Oddfellow's Lodge. Those who have been indentified include: family patriarch Benjamin Franklin Harrison, at far left, holding young girl; James Monroe Harrison and wife Myrtle Brewer on his right, under second window from the left; Michel Harrison, widow of James Harrison and mother of B.F. Harrison, woman in dark hat at left; Mary E. Seaton Harrison, holding infant Rosa Idell Harrison, standing between James Monroe and Michel Harrison; Nova Andrew Harrison and Henry Jackson Harrison, boys in front wearing white collars; and family patriarch Andrew Jackson Harrison, with white beard, behind two Harrison boys. Based on research, Dale Harrison believes the building was located in the Shafter area, close to the intersection of 2175 North and 175 East. Harrison believes that Benjamin Franklin's family may be on the left side of the photo, and Andrew Jackson Harrison's family on the right side. Anyone with identification information, or with information on the location of the building, may contact Harrison by e-mail, dsh118@comcast.net.