School Menus

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By The Staff

Monday, Jan. 24 – Choice of cereal, toast andjelly.   
Tuesday, Jan. 25 – French toast stix w/syrup.
Wednesday, Jan. 26 – Choice of cereal, toast andjelly.   
Thursday, Jan. 27 – Breakfast on a stick.   
Friday, Jan. 28 – Oatmeal, toast andjelly.
•Milk and juice or fruit offered daily.
Monday, Jan. 24 – Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, seasoned carrots, fruit, bread and milk.    
Tuesday, Jan. 25 – Taco in a bag, golden corn, pineapple chunks and milk.
Wednesday, Jan. 26 – Breakfast for lunch: biscuit w/gravy, sausage links, juice cup and milk.    
Thursday, Jan. 27 – Cheeseburger on bun, California blend, applesauce, cowboy cookie and milk.    
Friday, Jan. 28 – Chicken fajita, lettuce salad, fruit and milk.  

Monday, Jan. 24– French toast.  
Tuesday, Jan. 25 – Hash brown/toast.
Wednesday, Jan. 26 – Cinnamon toast.
Thursday, Jan. 27 – Yogurt/toast.  
Friday, Jan. 28 – Cinnamon roll.
• Served daily: Cereal, orange juice and milk.
Monday, Jan. 24– Hamburger on bun, cheese slice, French fries, applesauce and milk.    
Tuesday, Jan. 25 – Goulash, cheese sticks, green beans, garlic bread, peaches and milk.
Wednesday, Jan. 26 – Chicken and noodles, green beans, hot rolls, peaches and milk.    
Thursday, Jan. 27 – Taco, lettuce, cheese, corn, pears and milk.   
Friday, Jan. 28 – Grilled ham and cheese sandwich, baked beans, corn chips, applesauce and milk.

St. Peter Lutheran School
Monday, Jan. 24 – Pancake/bacon.
Tuesday, Jan. 25 – Cheese omelet/bacon.
Wednesday, Jan. 26 – Muffin/cereal.
Thursday, Jan. 27 – Sausage/egg on bun.
Friday, Jan. 28 – No school.
*Breakfast includes cereal, milk and choice of juice daily.
Monday, Jan. 24 – Ravioli, lettuce, breadstick and mixed fruit.
Tuesday, Jan. 25 – Rib nuggets, au gratin potatoes, green beans, applesauce and bread.
Wednesday, Jan. 26 – Potato soup, veggies, dip, peanut butter sandwich and pears.  
Thursday, Jan.  27 – Chicken patty on bun, pasta, corn and pineapple.
Friday, Jan. 28 – No school.
• White or chocolate milk.

Monday, Jan. 24 – Cereal, toast, juice and milk.
Tuesday, Jan. 25 – Belgian waffle, syrup, juice and milk.
Wednesday, Jan. 26 – Cinnamon bun, cereal, fruit and milk.
Thursday, Jan. 27 – Breakfast bake juice and milk.
Friday, Jan. 28 – Cereal, toast, fruit and milk.
Grades K-8
Monday, Jan. 24 – Corn dog, mac andcheese, chef salad, fruit cocktail and milk. (J.H.) burrito.
Tuesday, Jan. 25 – Chicken snack wrap, vegetable relish, sliced peaches, cupcake, bread and milk. (J.H.) ham andcheese Hot Pocket.
Wednesday, Jan. 26 – Hamburger on bun, oven fries, sliced tomato, lettuce, dill pickle, mandarin oranges and milk. (J.H.) chef salad.
Thursday, Jan. 27 – Roast pork loin, baby baked potatoes, green beans, Jello, bread and milk. (J.H.) meat loaf.
Friday, Jan. 28 – Grilled cheese sandwich, ravioli, lettuce salad, pear half and milk. (J.H.) chef salad.
Monday, Jan. 24 – Hot dog or bratwurst on bun, nachos w/cheese, baked beans, fruit cocktail and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-Chicken strips/breaded mozzarella sticks/salad bar.)
Tuesday, Jan. 25 – Manwich or breaded chicken patty on bun, potato rounds, fresh vegetable medley, peach half and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-Sonic hamburger or grilled chicken/French fries/salad bar.)
Wednesday, Jan. 26 – Chicken fillet strips or meat loaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, Jello w/fruit, bread and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-Pizza/breadstick, salad bar.)
Thursday, Jan. 27 – Nacho supreme or steak fajita, corn, pineapple tidbits, funnel cake stix and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-chicken slider sandwich/pretzel rods/salad bar.)
Friday, Jan. 28 – Cheese pizza or burrito, tossed salad, sliced pears, cupcake, bread and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-Arby’s roast beef or ham andcheese, curly fries/salad bar.)