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Jackson Reunion
The Jackson family reunion was held on Sunday, Sept. 12, with a noon picnic dinner at the Vandalia Lake pavilion.
Those present were: Jeanene Lener of Plainfield; James Jackson and Dixie White, St. Elmo; Ricky and Syliva Pruett, and Ricky Hipsher and Aiden Lash, Brownstown; Marvin and Jean Torbeck, Odin; and Reahert and Alva Elder, Mike, Lisa and Aiden Elder, Carmen Elder and Halie, Ashley and Alisha Lape and Ayla Evans, Elbert D. Jackson, Betty Berry, and Lucy and Andy Marclini, all of Vandalia.
The next reunion will be held on the second Sunday in September 2011 at the  lake pavilion.

Aukamp Reunion
The descendants of George, Charley, Walter, Ed and John Aukamp and several cousins gathered in the fellowship hall of Augsburg Immanuel Lutheran Church on Sunday, Sept. 12.
Sons of George Aukamp attending were: Gerald, Merle and Dale and Florence Aukamp Lotz, daughter of Charley Aukamp.
Those attending were from Vandalia, Augsburg, Collinsville, Decatur, Macon, Lincoln, St. Louis, Effingham and Belleville.
They enjoyed catching up on all the family and friends, grandchildren and activities.

Hunter Reunion
The descendants of Benjamin and Millie Hunter held their family reunion on Sunday, Sept. 12, at the Lions Club pavilion at Vandalia Lake, with more than 100 in attendance.
Bill Oliver asked the blessing before the noon meal.
Linda Pinkston, secretary, read the minutes from last years reunion. She gave gifts to: eldest male-Bill Oliver; eldest female-Winona Childress; youngest female-Danika Hunter (4-weeks); youngest male-Bentyn Diveley (2-weeks); and traveling the farthest-Dallas Oliver.
Elections were held with Judy Hans re-elected, president and Rosemary Oliver, secretary/treasurer.
Everyone voted to hold the reunion on Saturday next year. The president was to check the availability of the pavilion.
The afternoon was spent visiting and remembering the loved ones who are no longer with us. Music was provided by family members, and the sing-a-longs made for an enjoyable afternoon.
Those attending were: Scotty and Ada Diveley, Tony Diveley, Tammy Rine, Debbie Masterhan, Chad Diveley and Jerry Diveley, all of Center Pt., Iowa; Bob and Phyllis Russell, Tulahoma, Tenn.; Bill, Lila, Timmy, Hunter and Trent Braughton, Manchester, Tenn.; Ina Aldridge and Kim Osborne, Sheridan, Ind.; Ric, Leah, Alex, Audra and Adam Marschke, Tuscola; Tom and Wanda Emert, Clinton; Greg and Kathy Hunter, Iuka; Jerry and Diane Jackson, Danny and Charlene Elam, Bruce and Bea Elam, and Doug and Misty Elam, all of Greenville; Ron and Debbie Hunter, and Dwayne Hunter, Odin; Katie Cecilia and friend, Altamont; Jarry Milhoan, Pittsburg; Laverne and Ruthanne Elam, Mulberry Grove; Randy Meyer, Farina; Gary and Diana Smith, Chelsea Smith, Winona Childress, Kim Jakse, Caitlyn Mason, Wallace Mason, Brad and Patty Hunter, and Cassidy Hunter, all of Brownstown; and from Vandalia: Mark and Tonya Diveley, Levi, Kyle and Dalton Diveley, Dallas Oliver, Bill Oliver, Brian and Brandy Hunter and their three daughters, Mike and Vicky Diveley, Zachary, Amber and Grace Crothers, Cindy Oliver, Bob and Rosemary Oliver, Richard and Linda Cahoon, Rosetta Diveley, Bentyn Diveley, Emilee Burcham, Chris Wilburn, Keith and Bea Hunter, Cody Hunter, Shaun and Casey Hunter, Connor, Paetyn and Danika Hunter, Glenda Hamblin, Gabriella Estime, Connie Bolyard and Gary Jackson.
If anyone was left out I apologize. We are glad you came.  

Grubaugh Reunion
The Grubaugh family reunion was held on Sunday, Aug. 29, at the Vandalia City Park.
There were two weddings reported: Dennis and Cindy Linton on July 2, 2010, and Staci Cearlock and Curtis Hampton on May 6, 2010.
There were three births: Alone Patton born on January 4, 2010, to Michael Patton; Sylus Wayne Mitchell on September 2, 2009, to Tim and Kelly Mitchell; and Logan Marcus Wright on December 29, 2009, to Michelle and Marc Wright.
Those attending were: Betty Smail, Cindy, Kenny and Lorna Burge, Dennis, Judy and Ronnie Widger, and Teresa and Cody Heckman, all of Greenville; Wayne and Delores Grubaugh of Mt. Prospect; Dennis and Cindy Linton of Macon; Karen Sue Brown of Monticello; Tiffany, Chase and Mia Bellegante of Pocahontas; Barbara and Mandy Mugler of Highland; Michelle, Marc and Logan Wright of Collinsville; Delmar, Dillon and Chloe Smail of Hillsboro; Royal Weber of Nokomis; Dave, Jean Ann and Desi Durbin of Oconee; Kendal Henschen of Pana; Carla Calhoun of Brownstown; Nancy and Steve Warner of Shobonier; Kelly, Tim and nSylus Mitchell of Effingham; Pat and Dianna Doyle, Robert and Ann Lash, Bridget Lash and Gary Howard, Mike, Linda and Lori Epps, Jeff, Jessica and Jarrod Eckard, Georganne and John DuFaux, and Dewayne, D.C. and Alex Cearlock, all of Vandalia.