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By The Staff

The 74th annual Elam reunion was held on Sunday, Aug. 5, at the Mulberry Grove Community Building. There were approximately 52 in attendance.  
Those present included: Donna Sharon and Cory Elam, Danny Elam, J.D. Elam, Bruce and Bea Elam, and Ruthann Elam, all of Greenville; Junior and Neva Elam, Brent Elam and Lavern Elam, all of Mulberry Grove; Marty and Sheryl Elam of Nokomis; Steve and Wanda Elam of Palmer; Shirley and Mike Spain, and Vickie (Elam) Dixon, all of Edinburg; Rusty Odum of Decatur; Dale and Janet Chaplin of Donnellson; Reginald Roberts of Hillsboro; D.J., Lauren, Emmalea and Liam Palenchar of Highland; Tony Elam of Altamont; Janet and David Bargman, Evelyn L. Hecht and Kenneth Hecht, all of Chester; Sarah and Jack Schenk of Evansville; Georgia and Chester Elam, and Ellen Elam, all of Taylorville; Jim and Janet Elam, Andy Elam, all of Brownstown . Kevin and Melissa Elam, Ronnie and Millie Elam, Brian and Tricia Elam, and Dean Elam, all of Vandalia; and Stanley, Lisa, Melody and Joseph Sievers, and Humza Aziz of Jackson, Mo.
The 75th annual Elam reunion will be held at the Mulberry Grove Community Building on Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013, at noon.

The 19th annual Woolsey reunion was held on Saturday, Aug. 4, at the Vandalia Shrine Club, with 155 people in attendance.
Families from throughout the area, as well as California, Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Mississippi.
The oldest person present was Pauline Woolsey Mitchell, who is 96.