Postal Service considering processing center move

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The U.S. Postal Service has scheduled a public meeting this Thursday evening to discuss moving some mail processing operations from the Effingham Customer Service Mail Processing Center to the Champaign Processing and Distribution Facility.
The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus' building in Effingham.
With the deep decline in mail volume due to current economic conditions and continuing electronic diversion, the Postal Service has said that it will have an excess of employees and equipment in some mail processing operations. A study was begun on Sept. 15 at Effingham to determine the feasibility of consolidating redundant operations to see if any efficiencies and cost savings could be achieved.
Initial study results support consolidating some mail processing operations that are currently being performed at Effingham by taking advantage of available processing capacity at the Champaign facility to increase efficiency and improve productivity.
While no final decision on the move has been reached, Postal Service managers will give an overview of the reasons for the proposal and its possible outcomes, and will listen to community input and concerns.
A summary of the proposal and presentation materials is  available on usps.com.
Written comments may be submitted to: Manager of Consumer and Industry Contact, Gateway District, 1720 Market St., Room 1011A, St. Louis, Mo. 63155.
Comments from the public will be accepted through Jan. 7, 2012.