Ordinance a concern to area farmer

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I have lived in Fayette County all my life. Forty years ago, I moved to the country to avoid zoning laws that infringe upon my freedom. Now, the county board is trying to slip county zoning through in the guise of an ordinance. We fought and beat county zoning several years back! I, for one, have a lot of questions about the new proposal.
“ABANDONED VEHICLES” – I personally do not have any abandoned vehicles, but I should have the right to have a “parts” car if I want one.
“AGRICULTURAL WASTE” – What does this mean? Is it manure piles waiting to be used for fertilizer?
“AIR POLLUTION” – Are farmers not going to be able to spray their fields anymore?  Are we not allowed to have smelly livestock in Fayette County anymore?
“VACANT BUILDINGS WITH UNSECURED DOORS OR WINDOWS” – Am I to be required to keep all my outbuildings locked all the time?
“CLEAN CONSTRUCTION OR DEMOLITION DEBRIS” – Can I not have piles of new or used lumber for future use?
“GARBAGE” – Are we not to be allowed to have compost piles?
“LANDSCAPE WASTE” – Brush and trimmings are not allowed in a dumpster, and you don’t want open burning, so what are we to do?
“WEEDS, PLANTS, AND GRASSES OVER 10 INCHES” – First let me point out that weeds, grass and brush or brush piles are wildlife habitat. Tall grass is often baled for hay or used for cattle to  graze. Many of my garden plants are over 10 inches high. There are not very many farms anywhere that don’t have tall weeds somewhere.
“OPEN BURNING” – This practice doesn’t hurt anything if it is done safely and not left unattended.
“REFUSE” – Definition?
“UNLICENSED VEHICLES” – Tractors, combines, ATVs, small motorcycles, even old cars and trucks, are used on the farm for farm use. Will any of these have to be licensed?
What the county board is proposing is unrealistic. This is another example of city folks trying to dictate how country folks live. I get along good with all my neighbors, and we just want to be left alone to take care of ourselves. This has worked well since 1776, so why change it now?
I’d like to urge anyone who agrees with anything I have said to write your own letters, and plan to attend the public hearing to state your opinion. Please exercise your freedom of speech.
Alfred Steve Dial
Rural Brownstown