Not a good time for a tax increase

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I saw a notice of proposed property tax increase in the local paper. What can our city officials be thinking? Right now, in these desperate times, people are out of work, losing their homes due to foreclosures right and left, watching our government spend billions of dollars bailing out incompetent banks, and worrying about the future of Medicare, Social Security and pensions.
And they want to increase our already-high property taxes?
Like many citizens of this community, I am a retired senior. I worked for more than 41 years,  paying into Social Security and Medicare, and now what? I live mostly on my Social Security benefits (for however long that will last). I understand the need for taxes for schools and public works, but we need to start cutting the fat in other areas. My property taxes already eat up more than one-fourth of my Social Security benefits.
I know of several people who have moved out of Greenville due to the high property taxes. Is Vandalia going to follow? Are new business and job opportunities going to want to start here if the property taxes are high? Personally, I am fed up with the federal and local governments taxing me to death. I retired here, in my hometown, because I thought I could afford the cost of living in this area. Fayette County is a depressed area, according to Illinois state demographics, and as a responsible citizen who has always worked, paid my bills and paid my taxes, quite frankly I am ready to stop paying politicians and everyone else who has their hand out.
My taxes have paid for medical care and housing for the poor for years, and the federal and local governments just keep wanting more, more, more. Our government officials need to stop and think about the consequences to the members of this community that a 20.94-percent tax increase would be. Have they even paid attention to the number of houses sitting empty and for sale in this town? Have you noticed our pretty-much dead downtown? How many new factories and big business opportunities have come here recently? Let’s let the national and local economy get on a better footing before talking about raising our already-high property taxes.

Lana A. Morgan