Motorists beware around schools

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Our Opinion

By Dave Bell

The big yellow buses are back on our streets and roads again, and pedestrian traffic has stepped up significantly in areas around our schools.
Those signs can mean only one thing – school is in session again.
For our children, it’s the renewing of school routines, with all the activities and challenges that come with a new school year.
For the rest of us, it means renewed traffic congestion and pedestrian activity around our schools. We need to be extra vigilant in those areas, watching for children exiting cars, darting across streets or absent-mindedly stepping off the curb without checking traffic.
School zones have slower speed limits for a good reason – to keep our kids safe. And motorists must do their part to help avoid tragedies by slowing down, keeping alert and observing the stop signs on buses as they load or unload.
Police officers will be patrolling those school zones, so pay attention to the speed limits. If you choose to exceed the 20-miles-per-hour limit, it’s likely to hit you in the pocketbook.
It’s worth considering a new route to work in the morning, one that steers clear of the schools, if possible.
As schools resume, we all shoulder more responsibility for keeping our children safe. Make sure you do your part.