More specifics on Fulk's charge

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Hearing on motions reset for Wednesday

By Rich Bauer, Managing Editor

As requested by the attorney for Mark Fulk, prosecutors in the solicitation of murder for hire case have provided more specifics on the charge filed against him.

At a hearing last Friday in Fayette County Circuit Court, Assistant State’s Attorney Amanda Ade-Harlow told Judge Douglas Jarman that she and State’s Attorney Joshua Morrison had responded to attorney Lou Viverito’s motion for a bill of particulars.
Fulk, 35, of Farina, was charged in April of last year with solicitation of murder for hire.
The Class X charge alleges that Fulk approached an individual and offered to give him cash and a motorcycle, auto shop and house in exchange for killing his wife.
In his bill of particulars motion, Viverito asked the court to order that prosecutors give more specific information on the charge filed against Fulk, saying that without such information, “(Fulk) is unable to effectively prepare to defend against the charge.”
Responding to that request, prosecutors stated that the charge alleges that Fulk talked with John Shelton about arranging for his wife’s murder between March 6 and March 13 of last year.
The charge filed in April of last year alleged that Fulk was making arrangements to have his wife killed sometime between Feb. 1 and April 3 of last year.
Prosecutors also allege that the discussions between Fulk and John Shelton occurred at the auto shop owned by Fulk and his wife, and possibly via cellular phones.
Prosecutors also state that their case alleges that only Mark Fulk and Shelton were present during those discussions.
Pending motions were scheduled to be argued during last Friday’s hearing, but Ade-Harlow agreed to postpone those issues until a hearing this Wednesday.
Among the issues is a motion for additional discovery information filed by Viverito. In that motion, Fulk’s attorney seeks additional records on Shelton’s cell phone.
He also asks the court to allow a forensic cellular analyst hired by the defense to examine Shelton’s cell phone.