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'Let not your hearts be troubled...for I am the way'

Concerns change from generation to generation, but there is never a lack of “things’* to trouble us.

When the psalmist asks God to take her “out of the net that they have secretly set” for her (Psalms 31), we know what she means, even though our trouble may be different. Even Jesus’ followers were troubled by the Savior’s talk about his impending death.
Speaking to our concerns,  Jesus brings hope and comfort. “Let not your hearts be troubled,” for “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” His promise is to be with us wherever our path goes; wherever life leads,  our Good Shepherd Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. (See John 14:1-14, Hebrews 13:5 and Psalm 23.)
Life is like the highways we travel. Driving peacefully along for miles, then suddenly we are in a large traffic jam or our own vehicle has decided to misbehave. Rising prices, layoffs, foreclosures, wars – whatever – and the way through escapes us.
Like Jesus’ disciples said, “We don’t know the way’’! And even when we get through one episode, we can be sure another is certain to follow.
We are offered all sorts of coping mechanisms, from self-helps to professional assistance, which may give us moments of respite, but lasting peace for our troubled lives and consciences  is brief at best.
We Christians believe that  Jesus points to himself as the one who has a handle on life, and knows where it is headed. Our faith is that he will see us through whatever life throws at us.
“I AM” identifies Jesus as GOD WITH US, up close and personal, the one who can see us victoriously through everything – even the “shadowed valley of death” itself.
When Jesus speaks of himself as “I AM,” we hear his offer to be with us always. He will calm our troubled hearts and bring us sure and certain hope as we follow him through our Good Fridays to the new beginning of Easter morn.
Jesus’ message is clear: Join your life to mine day by day, week by week, occasion by occasion, trouble by trouble, and you will know the way, the LIFE, the truth that will set free your troubled heart in the peace of heaven.
Join your life in holy communion with Jesus this Sunday, and you will know the truth that has set his followers free!