Local motorcycles featured in magazine

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By Rich Bauer, Managing Editor

Motorcycles owned and created by a Vandalia resident are becoming a regular feature in regional magazine.
Dennis Martin, owner and editor of Thunder Roads, was in town last week to shoot photos of two “rat rod” bikes owned by Bill York of Vandalia.
Some of the photos shot by Martin – including ones taken at The Depot and Vandalia Statehouse – will be in the July issue of Thunder Roads, a magazine that has a circulation of 8,000 in Missouri and Southern Illinois.
“We’ve been doing a lot of shooting in St. Louis,” York said, referring to previous photo shoots, “and I thought it would be good to do one in Vandalia, to help promote Vandalia.”
During the shooting of photos inside the remains of The Depot, York said, “This is perfect for the bike shoot.”
Being shot at that location was a bike that features a truck tire and flame thrower on the back, an additional air cooler on the front, an 80 cubic-inch cammed Ultima engine and a system that allows the frame to sit on the ground while parked and lifted off for riding.
Stacey Martin said their magazine features “any and all kinds of motorcycles,” and that she and her husband find bikes for the magazine in a number of ways.
“We do a lot of weekend events with dealers, motorcycle shops, etc.,” she said.
“A lot of the bikes that we use (in the magazine) we see at events, but people will usually contact us about their bikes,” she said.